5 Essential Guitar Skills to Learn Any Song • Acoustic Tuesday 274

How do you learn a new song? Where do you begin and how do you set yourself up for success? On this episode, I’ll show you how to break any song down into five essential guitar skills. 

Learning a new song is a daunting process. There are so many elements of a song to consider. From determining the style you need to play to the technical aspects of soloing and improvising. 

By using this simple framework, you can establish a starting point for learning a song. Rather than focusing on a song note for note, this step-by-step guide gives you a plan. When you focus on these specific categories, the easier learning songs becomes.

Instead of being caught of guard by a tricky technique or feeling overwhelmed by the shear amount of music you have to learn and memorize, breaking a song into manageable categories is an easy way to learn it. So what are you waiting for? 

Submit your guitarsenal at the link below!

Featured in this episode…
– Rob Ickes and Rrey Hensley  
– Jeffrey Foucault 
– Tony Rice
– Adrian Bellue  
– Sam Bush 

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  1. Hi Tony, I really enjoy the Acoustic Tuesday show, but every time you pick up a guitar and start to play, I just wish you would tell us which guitar you are playing. So many times, the name is cut off or out of focus and you have so many guitars for me to remember them all. Also, I miss the Heartbreaker Guitar reviews and Toby. Maybe you can throw one in every now and then. Phil

  2. Hi Tony. Thanks for showing off that guitarsenal in Memphis,Tenarkippi. If you are here in Feb lets get together for coffee , beer or whatever.. My studio is on South Main next door to the Arrive hotel and across from DittyTV.. JJ

  3. Tony,

    Enjoying your teaching … like the ten-minute commitment and I am progressing. This is the third on-line teaching I have tried, and this is moving where I need to go. Maybe the others just prepped me for you! Anyway, my last Acoustic lesson was in 1974. Having dabbled as a single 20 something in the 80’s on my own I have some big bad habits I am breaking. As an empty nester, pre retiree, this sure beats the idiot box! Stuff is making a hell of a lot more sense than my “church lady guitar teacher” was able to provide! Rock On!

  4. Bluegrassified?! I like it.
    I appreciate the tips on learning songs. I’m sure that they will make it a little easier knowing that they are all basically the same process.
    Thanks, Tony.

  5. Hi Tony, I’ve been a TAC member for over two years and my guitar playing is better and can only get better; the TAC guitar routine is the right fit. Thank you.
    PS. I’m nicer too.

  6. Another great Tuesday show! Keep it up Tony, you provide us with a variety of topics that just keeps us interested and motivated, keep it coming, you and your team just rocks!

  7. Hi tony and Team, I’m super excitied to be a new member of the TAC community. This is my second week and I just finished watching my first TAC Tuesday (episode 274). What a great show. I enjoyed the discussion on the basic skills for learnig new songs. During the show I grabbed my guitar and was having a blast trying to follow along with ‘Sweet Home Alabama’. Acoustic News to Use is awesome as well. Prior to the show I was listening to Michael Hedges percussive style on my Echo and was thrilled to be introduced to Adrian Bellue during your show. Annnddd……you are so correct about the 10 minute rule. I found that if I focus on carving out 10 minutes to play each day, I do it because it’s a mental committment for not much time – but I have found that I am playing for at least 30-60 minutes in the evening once I begin. It’s a great concept. Looking forward to progressing through my 30 days to play journey and moving into the TAC Daily Challenges. Keep up the awesome work. I will be back to watch next Tuesday. Thanks! – John