Huss and Dalton? 5 POWERFUL Boutique Acoustic Guitars • Acoustic Tuesday 280

Huss and Dalton has been making beautiful, fine-tuned acoustic guitars for decades now. But how do you tackle their catalogue and find the right one for you and your budget?

On today’s episode, I’ll walk you through my 5 favorite Huss and Dalton guitars. The origin of this episode is born from a major snafu on my end. However, Huss and Dalton’s incredible customer service and lasting value they provide to customers led me to making this episode.

Huss and Dalton is known for making powerful guitars. Every guitar I play from them is also extremely comfortable. The neck feels like butter, and construction is incredibly solid. Whether you’re looking for crystal-clear flatpicking tones or smooth, deep fingerpicking tones, I strongly recommend you check out Huss and Dalton’s acoustic guitars.

The one guitar that I currently own on this list is a true anomaly in my taste. I’ve always felt like on paper, the guitar that I own would be one I hate. However, this guitar sounds like nothing I’ve heard given its wood and construction. Seriously, you might be just as surprised as I was when you hear this bad boy.

Submit your guitarsenal at the link below!

Featured in this episode…
– Eddies Guitars  
– Peghead Nation  
– Jeremy Sheppard  
– Mark Manson  
– Ariel Posen  
– Paul Davids  
– Ron Sweeney  
– The Milk Carton Kids  
– Colter Wall  

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  1. Tony,
    You gotta go for some of the all-time great goaltenders like Terry Sawchuck, Jacques Plante, Gerry Cheevers, Tony Esposito, Bernie Parent, Ken Dryden, Dominik Hasek, Patrick Roy, and Martine Brodeur. And let’s not forget Tretiak!! I know, I know, I’m showing my age but these are the ones that stand out for me. You may have to spring for some vintage or used hockey “sweaters” for some of these players. 🙂

  2. Hey Tony,
    I would recommend a jersey from the NJ Devils goalie Mackenzie Blackwood. A seriously good goalie

  3. Linus Ullmark sweater; setting Bs’ franchise records almost every game. Scored 1st Bs goalie goal this week. Set franchise saves record last nite: 54. If stays healthy & playin great … Vezina city. MVP ecxept doesn’t play enough gms. Bs jersey a classic as well. Enjoying yr show. Keep up the good work.

  4. Hi Tony,
    I have no idea how I came across your program last week because I was totally researching something else and suddenly there you were. Was it Siri hearing me say every now and then for so many years “I want to be a guitar player, I wish I could play the guitar I bought 30 years ago!”, And so in Siri’s own amenable fashion made you show up on my computer? Well if that’s how it happened then all I can say is “I love you Siri!” The hook was when you mentioned “tiny habits” which I was already familiar with and tried it a year ago for a month to finally play the mandolin. Well it fizzled after that and besides what I really wanted to learn first was the guitar! Your teaching method and the program you’ve put together is like nothing I’ve ever seen before and I know it’s sticking this time! And then this is the first Tuesday I’ve watched and your enthusiasm and passion is absolutely contagious! I know I’ve landed in the right place. When you showed the demo of that Huss & Dalton OOO-SP and the melody sounded like Mississippi John Hurt I was so blown away! Because I would love to be able to play like Mississippi John Hurt some day! Thank you Tony for just showing up out of nowhere! I’m proud to say you’re my guitar teacher. I just told a friend today that I’m a guitar player now. She said “I thought as much because you have a guitar on your kitchen table.”

  5. Hi Tony-
    As a fellow goalie (my TAC name is Netmindr) and a big hockey and NY Ranger fan, I would humbly recommend a Henrik Lundqvist jersey. Great goalie *and* a pretty solid guitar player!

  6. I’ve lusted after that H&D 000-SP since the first time I saw it in TAC daily lessons. Someday I’m going to find one for myself!

  7. Tony. Thank you for the video. I just got my Breedlove discovery S ce African mahogany last night. Will start my journey tonight with the 30 day to play as I am picking this up after 30 years. Very anxious and excited at the same time. Lastly about the hockey jersey, any Avs jersey is just splendid. GO Avs. Have a good day. Ben.

  8. Tony, just heard the banjo joke. Speaking of banjos, could you do a “Best of Budget Banjos” (<$1000) review sometime? I'm in the market and could use a little guidance.
    TAC Member, GGravley

  9. OK, Tone.
    1. I’ve told you in the past that I’m a hockey fan, too. And I, like you, was a goalie fan. Except my days started with Tony Esposito, and moved to Patrick Roy, Martin Brodeur, Eddie “The Eagle”, etc. I was watching when the rookie Ante Niemi played when the Hawks won the Cup. Then, the greedy newbie screwed up a good job with Chicago $$$$……….but I digress. I don’t know that many newer goalies, except Fleury who’s NOT new. Anyway, I vote for a Quick sweater.
    2. I can tell that the demo of the Huss & Dalton 000 SP is old because there is an awful lot of “naked” real estate on those arms, bud, ie minimal tatts. 😉
    3. Nice sound on the Ariel Posen clip. What? Reverb, a little delay, & and maybe some chorus? Great sound!
    4. Gonna have to see if I can find that guitar fire pit. That was pretty cool.

    Thanks for another cool episode and I’ll see you next week.

  10. My favorite H & D guitar is one I’ve been blessed with. It’s a 2010 “000-SP” custom with East Indian Rosewood and a Bear claw Italian Alpine Spruce top. I can’t say enough about the sound and playability of this piece of art.

  11. I love and have:
    1. CM-12 cutaway 12 fret engelman spruce top, rosewood sides.
    2. MJ model, sinker redwood top, african blackwood back and sides.
    They are amazing and the company is fantastic!!