2 Top-Notch National Resonators I Can’t Live Without • Acoustic Tuesday 285

Ever thought that a laminate guitar might be too “cheap” or catered to beginners for your guitar collection? Just wait until you hear this resonator guitar.

In today’s episode, we’re going to dive into a comparison between two stunning resonator guitars from my personal collection—both of which are from @nationalguitars .

The first contender is a gorgeous National Supro Collegian resonator guitar. This beauty sports a striking duco finish that immediately catches your eye. With a rosewood fingerboard and a mahogany neck, it has plenty of bark and bite that you’d expect from a top-notch resonator guitar. We’ll explore its unique tonal qualities and discuss why this guitar is perfect for those who love that classic resonator sound.

Our second guitar is the elegant National Estralita Deluxe resonator guitar. This one has a deeper, more mellow tone that sets it apart from its competition. Although it’s a laminate guitar, don’t let that deter you from considering it as a viable option! We’ll delve into the Estralita’s distinctive character and find out what makes it a must-have in any resonator guitar enthusiast’s collection.

Whether you’re a seasoned resonator guitar player or just getting into the world of these unique instruments, this is a great starting point for hearing how certain resonators with specific features sound. Be sure to drop your favorite resonator guitar or any you are interested in in the comments below!

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  1. I bought a Gretsch G9220 (new) back in October 2020. While watching a 50-year Grand Ole Opry tribute to a female country singer on DVD, a band who recently changed their name to be more PC came on and a member played a slide guitar. Like ‘Marvin Berry’ said in the movie ‘Back to the Future’, “that’s the sound you’re looking for!” I simply had to have a resonator guitar in my collection. Only thing is… I keep switching from standard tuning to open D or open G, depending on if I want to play slide or not. Both work quite well.

  2. Is that the Delphina?? I just got one this week and absolutely love it! I’m learning recording while learning the guitar so it will all come together towards my vision.

  3. Thanks for the shout out on Daves Guitar shop! A great shop. Nothing is off limits. You can play anything you want. Friendly staff, no pressure. Thanks again!

  4. Great show today. I do believe the gentleman that finishes the National Guitars is on Bainbridge Island, WA. I was once his neighbor! His names Rik Besser. Small world.

  5. Hi all: Great Acoustic Tueasday episode today
    The singers in Mama’s Broke are Amy Lou Keeler and Lisa Maria. Being a Canadianlove the fact they won the Canadian Folk Music Award for ensemble in 2017