18 Resonator Guitarists You Need to Know • Acoustic Tuesday 292

What’s better than 10 resonator guitarists (resonatorists?) to inspire your guitar journey? How about 18?

Today’s episode is for those who are passionate about resonator guitars—those distinctive instruments that have captivated artists and audiences alike with their uniquely soulful, metallic timbre. If you’ve ever been captivated by that robust and twangy sound, you’ll love this video as we delve into the works of 18 remarkable resonator guitarists who are bound to inspire you.

From well-known artists like the incredible Charlie Parr, known for his raw, authentic, and deeply emotive blues and folk music, to lesser-known yet immensely talented musicians like Sarah Rogo, who blends her compelling voice with expert slide guitar to create a truly mesmerizing experience.

Resonator guitars are unlike any other. Their unique construction features spun metal cones that amplify the strings’ vibrations. They produce a sound that’s both powerful and vibrant, exuding a sense of nostalgia and a certain rawness that’s hard to replicate. This unique sound—part country, part blues, part old-timey music hall—has enamored audiences across generations, making them a beloved choice for musicians worldwide.

As we journey through this list, we’ll dive into what makes each guitarist unique and how they utilize the resonator guitar to bring their music to life. Whether you’re an experienced guitarist looking for some new inspiration, or a beginner interested in trying out the resonator guitar, this video is for you!

Featured in this episode…
– Fretboard Journal  
– The Handmade Music School  
– Emerald City Guitars  
– Furch Guitars Official  
– Adrian Bellue  
– Darrell Scott  
– Fat Possum Records 

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  1. Hi Tony, My favorite resonator guitarist is Big John Short. He’s a local favorite who plays at cool little bar, Vincent’s, in Worcester, MA
    PS, if you ever find yourself here – best meatball sandwich in the world!

  2. Tony,
    I found the answer to my silly question about the Fretboard Summit. “Folks are encouraged to bring your favorite guitar and be part of this truly unique weekend.” Again, looking forward to connecting in Chicago!

  3. Tony, I’ve got to ask what probably amounts to the ultimate silly question. I’m going to the Fretboard Summit in Chicago and am struggling with the question: “Should I bring a guitar to this thing?” I’m guessing that some of the workshops are going to be hands-on, which makes the answer obvious. On the other hand, bringing a guitar across the country seems like bringing coals to Newcastle: lots of work to end up with another instrument that is not going to be used much at all. I assume the Old Town School folks are dialed in to a major influx of instruments that may need to be secured at least part of the time. Looking forward to seeing you there.

  4. You should get a clip of Jimmy Dufresne on your show. He is an awesome guitar player here in central Arizona. He is in the Verde Valley – Rimrock, Camp Verde, Cottonwood area.