Transform Your Guitar Playing with Banjo Picking • Acoustic Tuesday 296

Are you ready to banjo roll into leveling up your picking hand?

On today’s episode, we’re journeying into the realm of banjo picking techniques and exploring how they can elevate your guitar playing.

We’ll start off with the basics: tuning your guitar. We’ll transition your guitar from standard tuning into open G tuning. If you’ve never dabbled with alternate tunings before, don’t worry, I’ll guide you every step of the way. This particular tuning allows your guitar to take on a banjo-like resonance, which is exactly what we’re aiming for.

Next, we dive headfirst into banjo rolls, an essential element in the banjo player’s arsenal. By incorporating these fingerpicking patterns into your guitar playing, you’ll discover a whole new world of rhythm and melody that can freshen up your sound. These rolls might be tricky at first, but stick with it—I promise it’s worth it!

Now, onto the main event: clawhammer picking. A traditional technique, clawhammer involves a down-picking motion with the fingers, creating a percussive, rhythmic drive. We’ll dissect this style in detail, taking you through each step until you feel comfortable enough to integrate clawhammer into your own playing.

The beautiful thing about learning another instrument’s technique, like the banjo in this case, is that it provides a new lens to view your guitar playing. You’ll uncover fresh sonic patterns and new ways of approaching the guitar that you may not have discovered otherwise. I guarantee this episode is a fantastic opportunity to broaden your musical horizons and fuel your guitar journey.

Featured in this episode…
– Tom Sands Guitars  
– Schorr Guitars  
– Colter Wall  
– Molly Tuttle  
– Billy Strings  
– Punch Brothers  

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  1. Tony,
    I am new to Tony’s Acoustic Challenge. I have just read your fifth email. I appreciate your reminders and daily encouragement as I “play” through the first week of “30 Days to Play”.
    To respond to the request in your day 5 email: I have enjoyed learning about alternate tuning and techniques for finger picking. I look forward to going back and reading some of the previous Acoustic Tuesday presentations.
    Thank you,

  2. Tony,
    The lick for this Tuesday reminds me of something Stephen Stills played while he was with CSN…hmmm, maybe it’s “Cost of Freedom” off of Daylight Again.