Next-Level Square Neck Resonators (Beard Guitars Review) • Acoustic Tuesday 302

Is it possible for modern square neck resonators to sound so different, even if they’re made by the same builder?

After our previous journey into the world of vintage acoustic square neck guitars, I thought it would be fun to switch gears and introduce you to the modern side of my collection. Today, we’re focusing on the square neck resonator guitars – specifically, the phenomenal creations of Beard Guitars.

I’ll be presenting six beautiful models from my personal collection, each one unique, and each one a testament to Beard Guitars’ stellar craftsmanship. First, we’ve got the Model E, a true beauty that sings with an authentic resonator sound. Then, I’ll be showing you not just one, but two different Josh Swift Models, each with its own special features and tonal quality. And to top it all off, I’ve got a charming Vintage R model that’s sure to pique your interest.

But this video is not just about these fantastic guitars in my collection—it’s also an exploration and appreciation of the exceptional craftsmanship of Beard Guitars. These folks are doing some really amazing things when it comes to creating modern resonator guitars that are perfect for both traditional and contemporary playing styles.

We’ll delve into the specifics of their specs, what sets them apart, and why I consider them a go-to source for high-quality square neck resonators.

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Featured in this episode…
– Overhaul Guitars  
– Michael Watts  
– Buffalo Kin
– Tommy Emmanuel  
– Billy Strings  
– Premier Guitar  
– Beard Guitars  
– Molly Tuttle  

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  1. Thanks Tony for the great video on Paul Beard’s guitars. I have a 1994 R Body Tobacco sunburst that I ordered from Paul way back when. His shop was a cabin behind his house at the time and I think he mostly built the guitars on his own (18 month wait). I was referred to him by Dave Giegerich, who was my teacher and an awesome reso player, and an awesome guy. Fortunately I live in Maryland and have met Paul and been to his old shop as well as his “new” shop. It is amazing to see how Beard Guitars has grown in both output, catalog, and stature over the past 30 years. He had a strong relationship with the best reso players of all time, including Mike Auldridge and Jerry Douglas signature models, that was well earned.

  2. I have a 1938 Montgomery Ward Silvertone Cowboy stencil guitar. It looked really cool, but was pretty much unplayable. I sent it to Overhaul Guitars. They took it apart, re-braced it, replaced the fretboard with a radius board and a new bone nut. They also replaced the bridge and saddle. It was an amazing transformation. I highly recommend Overhaul.

  3. Montana State RPS has sent an agent to you house to create a safe place for your resonator while we investigate reports of resonator in squalor. The agent is an old, kind, grey bearded fellow bearing a striking resemblance to me. I assure you it is purely coincidental. We will watch over it until we get a hearing scheduled…I mean until THEY get a hearing scheduled.