Bourgeois Guitars: Tour de Force of TONE • Acoustic Tuesday 305

Is there any tastier combination of guitars than these three Bourgeois Guitars?

On this episode, we’re diving deep into the mesmerizing world of Bourgeois Guitars straight from Lewiston, ME. There’s a reason they’re celebrated for their world-class craftsmanship, and I’m excited to unveil that magic.

First up, we have the rustic and authentic Country Boy Dreadnought crafted from Mahogany—its tonal quality is going to leave you spellbound. Next, we’ll be exploring the rich sounds of the Large Soundhole OMC with a Sitka spruce top; an absolute treat for any acoustic guitarist. And to cap things off, I’ll be sharing my very own Custom OMSC, graced with an aged tone Italian Spruce Top.

Comparing these three guitars is like juxtaposing apples, oranges, and mangoes – each is unique in its own right, yet all bring something delectable to the table. Whether you’re a player, collector, or just an acoustic enthusiast, there’s something in here for you.

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Featured in this episode…

  • Bourgeois Guitars  
  • Russ Carson
  • Andrew Huberman  
  • Kyle Orla Stringworks  
  • Jason Isbell Music  
  • Gibson Guitar  
  • Billy Strings  

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  1. Love the Bourgeois’. I keep drooling over one that Heartbreaker has right now. Similar look to your large sound hole, however it has a normal sound hole, and Master Grade Koa back & sides. Mike demos it in the video and does a great job, as usual. Here is a link if you’re interested in seeing/hearing it.
    Have some remodeling to do on the house FIRST. We’ll see if there’s enough left over after that to give the Bourgeois some serious consideration. Hmm.
    Another great Acoustic Tuesday.

  2. The OMSC is probably my favorite because of the 12-fret neck. But my favorite WOULD be the large sound-hole OMC with a 12-fret neck. I can only imagine the sonic (and visual) beauty of such an instrument.

  3. My favorite by far is the custom – I love it’s mellower sound. The other two, to me, have a too- bright, slightly tinny sound. Pretty predictable response from a Martin/ mahogany fan!