This is the end…or the beginning? • Acoustic Tuesday 310

Your identity becomes clear when life happens. After 5 years of YouTube, I’m leaning into a new path.

If you’re reading this, you’re a steadfast supporter of the Acoustic Tuesday Show. I’ve released a weekly show focused on all things acoustic guitar for over five years. When people ask me what I do, I say I teach guitar and host a weekly show on YouTube. 

Needless to say, the Acoustic Tuesday Show is a big part of my identity. To let it go is absolutely terrifying. Any change to your identity is complicated. If you’ve retired or changed the kind of work you do, you know what I’m talking about.

But there’s a reason why change happens. I’m fortunate enough to have a fantastic family that I know I want to spend more time with. Ending the Acoustic Tuesday show gives me more flexibility to focus on high-quality guitar content and spend time with my family in a way that will be more meaningful and impactful to both you and me. 

Acoustic Tuesday will end, but my time on YouTube is far from over. My goal is to become the best guitar guide on the internet. I want to create a place where you can be supported in mind, body, and spirit in your guitar journey. 

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  1. Thank you for Acoustic Tuesday (a YouTube recording introduced me to your site.)
    I enjoy all of your TAC lessons.
    Though I had severe doubts about myself and playing guitar well, I look forward to picking up my guitar and trying something new.
    I learned a lot about guitars, strings, even picks on the Tuesday shows.
    I’ve learned more about guitar than anyone else could have told me in the past 20 months.
    You are one in a million.
    Thank you.
    I hope TAC continues!
    Enjoy your family and the Holidays.
    Thank you so much!

  2. Good on you, Tony! Thank you for bringing me back to guitar in the best of ways. I look forward to what’s next. For you, I’m glad you chose to spend more time with your family and to challenge yourself in a very big, awesome way.

  3. Tony, I am a TAC member (3 years) and a big fan. Please leave the old Acoustic Tuesdays up for us to go back and see ones we may have missed. Thank you for making me a guitarist instead of a guy who has some guitars.

  4. Tony, not sure how to get a message to you so I will try this way. I will be starting as an instructor for Guitars for Vets in West Los Angeles. As you likely know, the veterans get 10 lessons over 10 weeks. I have been told there is no standard teaching format so I can structure the lessons as I like. Some of your lessons would be fantastic for a beginning guitar player – gratifying and fun. Would you mind if I used a few of the music/tab sheets that are part of your lessons, to share with the veterans? I will only share with your permission. Best regards, Andy ([email protected])

  5. Amazing Acoustic Tuesday.
    Thanks for all the inspiration.
    Thanks for being there with us all this time.
    I have benefit from your courses.
    It’s so hard to learn. After almost two years in the process, I’m not where I wanted to be, but that’s ok.
    I struggle. Yesterday, I cried because i haven’t reached my goals yet.
    So, learning that you have a plan to help people in a mental way and physical way, is a good news.
    Learning guitar is not just about play. There’s a lot more involved like a state of mind..and sometimes I found it hard to continue without any improvement. So thanks for the rest.
    I will be there too for you.
    Can’t wait to see what’s next!

  6. Thank you for putting the acoustic challenge lessons at the front of what you do. These lessons are really good and they have made me fall back in love with playing music. Sometimes I am worried about new content as I have noticed lots of repeats (some of which I understand from a benchmark perspective). I know I am much more likely to skip weeks where I have done the lesson before. I love lessons that are deep dive into songs that I can turn around and play. I’m sure these take more time to plan and create, so thank you for dedicating more time to this part of your business. I’m excited to see what new things you have up your sleeve!! Also, big huge kudos for taking time to be with the young family. You will never be able to get the time back no matter how many subscribers you get or money you make. Time is the most priceless thing.

  7. Wow Tony, just catching up to watching this one and I am surprised at AT coming to a close but at the end of the day it is fine and your family will be the winner. BTW, really like the new direction that TAC has been taking lately, building the week around a particular song style or theme. This approach has brought TAC up to a whole other level and really helps tie thing together which was somewhat missing before. I am personally looking forward to more of this and whatever other ideas you are working on to improve the overall TAC experience.
    I have been on board with TAC for about 3.5 years. Dusted off the guitar in early 2020 after a 35 +/- year layoff (I was never any good anyhow) after I retired. it took me a while to make the decision to give it a try again as I just figured I was never really going to be any good and likely did not have enough earth time left to get there. I was amazed at the amount of information and tutorials available on YouTube – there was no internet back in my day. I eventually stumbled onto TAC and liked what I heard, and so gave it a shot for a year. I must admit, it really helped me along and so, I ended up on board as a lifer. I also subscribe to another subscription site (one recommended by you) that is way different, but a great complement to TAC.
    Will be very interested to see what new directions TAC takes. You mentioned the mental aspect of guitar and I also think that is a big part of it. I still find myself getting very frustrated occasionally and even thinking about giving it up, but I always come back. If you have some techniques to get past these dark thoughts, that would be very valuable.
    Anyhow, sorry to see Acoustic Tuesday go, but it will all work out. Would really like to see you give some consideration to bringing back the live 90 day Zoom guitar party. Those were great, especially the breakout sessions where you have a chance to interact with other TAC members – those session alone served as a big motivator – just chatting with others about things guitar and TAC related.

  8. You have brought out the musician in me , I never thought it would happen, thank you, you’re a great teacher

  9. I get the hesitation with your “retirement” from the show. I retired 4 years ago from a career that I loved, and working with people that I loved. But changes in the field were making me nuts. I decided that 32 years was enough and I needed to do what I needed to do, for me. So, I get it. Especially the family part. They have to come first, always.

    I’m curious to see what comes next for you………and us. You’ve helped me over the last, almost 2 years, to the point that I’m at now. I have a long way to go, but I’m sometimes amazed at how well I’m able to pick up new things because of what I’ve learned from you so far. Other times, not so much. But I’m progressing, and I can see it. Thank YOU!

    I just watched last week’s episode after working on today’s challenge (Punch It), and before watching this one. You mentioned that the very beginning of the show was “a blast”. Well, I’m guessing that I know why. The first thing I noticed from the initial clip of the first episode is that you had a little glass of bourbon in front of you, rather than that nasty coffee. 😀
    I’ll “see” you tomorrow for the Challenge.
    Best of luck on the next chapter, my friend.

  10. Tony,
    I’m looking forward to what is ahead. I have loved the Tuesday shows since I found them over a year ago. After joining I’ve gone back to listen to many that were before “my time” and been entertained and enlightened greatly. When I retired a few years ago I made learning to play the guitar one of my goals. Things didn’t really get off to a great start but since I’ve been an Acoustic Challenge member I have gotten much farther along on my guitar journey. My guitarsenal now includes 3 guitars and I am playing with a couple of friends on a regular basis. Love this journey. I’ll miss the Tuesday shows but look forward to whatever you have for the future. AND, you will never go wrong in prioritizing your family!

  11. I have been with you from the beginning and have enjoyed you introducing me to so many new artists that I might otherwise would have missed. Thanks for all your efforts in trying to keep the acoustic guitar at the forefront of this country’s music. Those of us who have been around for many decades appreciate your efforts and hope you continue to do such good.
    John Lomax

  12. Tony, I just wanted to tell you that you spoke straight into my soul. Everything you said resonated with me. I want to encourage you on this journey – you WILL impact the world. Why? Because you’re doing it the right way. When you said that you need to continue to put your family first, my first reaction was, WELL DONE. You will NEVER regret putting your family first. Your kids will always look back and remember what you did for them. Your show has been wonderful. Thank you for that. God BLESS your efforts as you move forward in this way.
    I also want to tell you that the guitar has also saved my life. I struggle with depression, and when I picked up my 18-year old guitar that had basically never been played after feeling SO guilty for letting it sit there, I looked for a way to learn that would be sustainable for me. I found it in TAC. (It’s me, Shannon – the one who asked her husband for TAC for Valentine’s Day from now on…) I am one of your success stories, Tony. I used to dream of playing the guitar. Now I play the guitar. My guitar journey began with depression, and then I found TAC. Literally DAY ONE of my guitar journey began with you and “30 Days to Play.” I enjoyed those lessons, and felt such success so quickly that I have stuck with it. Your encouragement in the videos to take baby steps and not compare myself with other players, as well as your suggestions for how to take the challenges and claim small wins, no matter how small kept me going and did not let me quit, and NOW, when those challenges come back around (this is only my 2nd year), I FEEL and SEE improvement.
    Almost two years ago, I could not play the guitar AT ALL. Working through the challenges has kept me finding more songs to play, and now I have multiple binders filling up with chord sheets. The depression is turning into self confidence and renewal. Just playing in general gives me such joy. The time I spend in TAC and now Fretboard Wizard has been so rewarding – I just can’t tell you how much.
    How far have I come? Well, on THIS SATURDAY, October 7th, I will play (and sing) at church for an audience of more than 100 women with a pianist, another vocalist, and another guitarist. THAT’S what you’ve done for me. This is LITERALLY a dream come true for me.
    So, here’s my story. The guitar saved my life. You helped. And the things you talked about working on going forward are EXACTLY what I hope for with regards to my journey. I also believe they are the natural progression for you and what you want to do. Tony, I don’t even LOOK for other guitar lessons online. Your heart is in this – we can all tell. Clearly, you give so much to this. Yes. You’re making the right decision. Family first. Then, to the heart of the other part of who you are. And you ARE capable of making an impact on the whole world. So, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. THANK YOU, and GOD BLESS your future endeavors!

  13. P.S. I’ve discovered being scared happens, but that does not mean you don’t have courage. You do. We all do, have courage I mean. We find it when we are scared but walk ahead in spite of fear. And there it is, and then we fly!

  14. Tony thank you for past shows and the TAC opportunity I’ve enjoyed the past 3 years. I plan to continue. As an instructor, your enthusiasm for our beloved art is so apparent and just lights a fire in my guitar heart! You are encouraging which is helpful. I like the way concepts are circled back to, revisited, done another way so that it starts to become integral to my playing. I like it that you tell me I really CAN play. Yes I can! Let’s keep going. I’m with ya.

  15. I have not been a member long, but I have watched several of the Tuesday shows, and know that they will be missed. Hopefully all the content will remain. I strive to get my 10 minutes and look forward to the revised curriculum. Putting family first is so important!

  16. Thanks for all the great shows, Tony! I’ll miss them, but I’m happy for you and the new path you have chosen. Best wishes to you and your family!

  17. I’m gobsmacked!! I love this guy. I signed up for his course, after 3 months I decided it wasn’t for me. I sent a note that i was cancelling because it just wasn’t what I was looking for, although it was a very thorough course and very well presented. I guess I just wasn’t that smart. I was absolutely dumbfounded!! He sent me a full refund from the day I registered, a 100% refund from day one! I still read your emails and will very much miss your guitar evaluations. Good luck to you!

  18. I love how real you are with the TAC family! Being a parent requires lots of sacrifices and re-examining how you spend your time. I firmly believe that great things are going to happen for you!

  19. Tony AT has been important to my guitar journey. It has been entertaining and has introduced me to lots of great players. You WILL succeed with this next project because you do it for the right reasons.
    Good luck
    Guy (Canada)

  20. Tony, I’m fairly new (12 weeks) into TAC and only watched 2 previous AT shows. Now learning you’re moving on to more challenging adventures including devoting more time to your family. As someone with 8 grandchildren I can tell you that you’re making a good decision. I started taking guitar lessons 40 years ago and drifted away. Now I can’t believe I’m back trying to make a go of it mainly because I see your passion. I wish you the best and after reading some of the previous comments from your followers and students I can see I’ve made a good choice. Good luck and I’ll be watching you on TAC.

  21. As one famous cowboy from you neck of the woods sang from his horse at the end of each show,,,,,,

    ,, “Happy trails my friend, until we meet again’, happy trails Tony

  22. Congrats on the new addition to your family…Wonderful!! 🙂
    I’m absolutely sure whatever you have planned for our lessons will work out just fine. I’ve only been here in TAC Land a year and half…. it’s been fantastic! Just getting to know the ins and outs, ups and downs of using a pick has been a trip and a half. (When I started, it felt like I was trying to use a dinner fork.) Keep up the good work! 🙂

  23. Hey Tony, I have been a fee paying member for several years and your challenge has been a light in my darkest of days. I applaud you sir, for having the guts to follow your dreams and hopefully together we can achieve what you set out to do. Why do I say that? Well I’m the focus group for your doctrine. I own 15 guitars, I don’t play 15 guitars, but I have 15 guitars in my possession. From what you described as your next step (being to link in the psychology of playing with the practical joy of playing), I feel this is the watershed moment that will push me into finally picking up one of my guitars, tuning it and strumming or picking the notes/chords to one of my favourite songs. So in 12 months time, I will be here but I won’t be a guitar owner, I will be a guitar player, with your help, guidance, encouragement and humour. That is my pledge to you sir!!

  24. Tony. Thank you for all you do. I have not been as faithful to the guitar this past few months as I would like to be but I plan to change that and I believe your new focus will help me do that. I very much look forward to what’s to come. Thank you again!

  25. Wow. The end of an era. Thanks, Tony. It’s been a pleasure to catch the Acoustic Tuesday show over the last six years. I looked at my email archive. I have been getting email notifications from you dating back to May, 2017. Your upbeat attitude and love of the guitar have always been something that I looked forward to seeing every week. Best of luck to you in your next projects. Keep smiling!

  26. Well I’ve been with you here since the beginning. I’m excited to see where you take this next. Here is to you continued success. Thank you for your time Tony. I’ll see you over in TAC as I’m part of that family.

  27. Many thanks Tony. As a TAC family member I have watched pretty much every episode of AT for the past two and a bit years. I have become a total guitar geek as a result. Love the news you can use and all the insights into all things guitar. Will miss tuning in but TAC continues to be a huge and important part of my daily routine. Enjoy the re-balancing of your time, and speaking as a person with grown up children, you can’t spend enough time with them. It all goes so fast!
    Many many thanks and best wishes for the next chapter.

  28. Thanks for everything so far. I joined way back ((before AT began I think).
    It was your story of being at a party and playing the lead licks for tons of songs, but everyone gathered around the guy who could play a Neil Diamond song all the way through. I said that is where I am. (Was)
    Thanks for making me a better, mediocre player.
    Looking forward to the next chapter.

  29. Tony. Thanks for this. I don’t think you have anything to fear. Personally, I love TAC and it has helped me go from a 65 yo, who had never picked up a guitar, to a 68 yo, who can play enough to give myself a lot of pleasure and also provide pleasure to others. I only rarely, dipped into Accoustic Tuesday, because I am fairly time poor and live on the other side of the planet. I was surprised to learn in the comments, that there are others who were participating in the weekly show, but who were not subscribers to TAC. Hopefully, they will now sign up, because that is where so much good stuff is. I love your endless positivity and the focus on just showing up and the small wins. I can remember how it took me months to make an F Chord and now I wonder why it was so hard – of course the answer is persistence – and you helped so much with this. I am sure that the TAC will go from strength to strength with your increased focus. I’ll be on that journey. Good luck

  30. Hi Tony I’ve been with you for about 18 months and have come on a long way and enjoy listening to you as a person. It’s a shame it’s stopping BUT good for you go for it because if you don’t you will regret it later in life. Don’t worry I’m going to be there as your a great teacher all the way over in England

  31. Tony, thanks for inspiring me to pick up my guitar after too many years, and more importantly, to play the guitar again. These sessions have saved my sanity in that it offers me a place and time to “get away” and grow, enjoying the time with my guitar. Yes, totally understand your decision, and I wish you and your family well. Enjoy!

  32. Tony, about 4 years ago I decided I wanted to play guitar again. It had been many years since I’d tried to play but I thought about it frequently. I remembered a line from a Charlie Daniels song where he described the guitar as something that “makes a magic sound”, I’d never forgot that lyric and knew I wanted and needed that magic again. I got ahold of a lower end Fender from a friend who wasn’t using it and started trying to play. It had been so long, it was really more like starting from scratch so I was cruising You Tube trying to get some idea of how to get going. I was overwhelmed with the choices there and none of them seemed like they would work for me. While trying to find a good method for changing guitar strings, I saw a video posted by you showing how it’s done. I don’t know why exactly your video stood out to me, maybe it was the vintage all mahogany Martin you were holding but I started the video and was kind of skeptical as you began to show us how to change the strings. Within a couple of minutes, I knew you were a real teacher and that I could learn alot from you if you had more videos. After that video ended, I felt like I could change the strings on my guitar now and wanted to check out more of your videos. I saw the ad for Tony’s Acoustic Challenge and looked at the website. I signed up for the Fretboard Wizard and began going through that course. I never finished it that first time, but soon joined the TAC family and quickly began learning the guitar, 10 minutes at a time. The Acoustic Tuesday Show has been a regular feature in my Tuesday evening since those early days searching Tony’s videos on You Tube. It wasn’t long before I began to believe you when you called me a guitar player. 4 years later, I still have so much to learn but I can do things now that I only dreamed about before. Now when someone asks, “You play guitar?”, my answer is “Yes, I do.” Thank you for helping me to be able to answer that way without hesitation or embarrassment. The show has been a big part of my journey so I was saddened to hear it is ending but I have lived long enough to know that seasons change and life goes on. What comes next will be different but we will continue to learn from you and be inspired by you, through whatever medium proves to be best for you and your family. You’re not going anywhere, neither are we. Thanks again for all your hard work over these years on Acoustic Tuesday, TAC, and all things related to “guitar geekery”. It has made a big difference in my life. Sorry for this long post but I wanted you to see these words here next to those of the other well-wishers. Happy trails, my friend!!

  33. I didn’t tune in as often as I would have liked, but every time I did I got what I was after – and more – always. Going to miss it, Tony. All the best to you and the family.

  34. Thank you so much for your honesty! I’m a teacher and playing my guitar resets my brain and brings me joy. If I had not found this family, I would never have considered myself a guitar player. I wouldn’t have an amazing outlet!

  35. Hey Tony, thanks for all the effort you put into TAC and Acoustic Tuesday. I will miss AT, I always enjoyed the content, and the Chicago Blackhawks jerseys! Looking forward to seeing your next adventures. Cheers!


  36. Tony you sold me on your method of learning via the “10 Day Free Challenge.”
    By Day 6 I said to myself :
    “This guy I can learn from.”
    Looking forward to following you on what comes next.
    Hang in there Bill

  37. Hey Tony, I am coming. You have a lofty goal but one I support down to me timbers. What can I do for you to help you reach the world. Even jesus had a posse.
    I love the focus. I found telescoping in can lead to a new understanding when I telescope out again. I am sad to see AT close the curtains for now. Ever thought of going into the Executive Producer roll? You have the set all set. Yep, I go with you. You keep the path clear and direct and I my playing continues to improve even after 8 years. You showed me the biggest hurdle for me to being the player of my hearts desire was me. Now I am pretty sure there is no end to what I can learn to play. Tic toc. Okay, there is an end.

  38. Hey Tony–
    >You ARE a Rock star in my book.
    >You’ve made guitar playing FUN (caps added for emphasis) again.
    >You’ve taught me more in two years with TAC than anyone in 68+ years.
    (Ok, I didn’t start ‘learning’ the guitar until I was 10).
    >You’ve been my Guide, teacher, therapist, motivational speaker, encourager and a solid kick-in-the-back-end when I needed it.
    >You can never go wrong making ‘Family’ a TOP, TOP, TOP priority. It will be one of our BEST, most lucrative investments. (personal experience speaking here.)
    >So Now…step into TRANSITION. Keep doing your Magic. And TRUST the process.

    Question as a Black Hawks fan–(and as a goalie)–who shot the winning goal for Chicago to seal Tony Esposito’s rookie shut out record? (I was at the game with my Grandfather. It was MAGIC)

  39. Having a family is a marvelous life experience, and re-balancing your time is essential! You will never regret “dad time!” We’re here for you whatever you do! Thank you for EVERYTHING!

  40. Go for it Tony! I’ve really enjoyed the Daily Challenges and Acoustic Tuesdays throughout the last 2 years. Your joy playing, teaching and being a true guitar geek comes through with every video. I joined the TAC family right after you were a guest on the Taylor guitar show. around 2021.
    I’ll be sticking with you. Good luck

  41. I admire your leaning into the fear. The best in life always lives on the other side of fear and uncertainty. I look forward to what and where this leads next. You are obviously an avid reader of books leaning into business and self improvement. This is no different.
    As for guitars and the ability to change your life: I had a motorcycle wreck 10 years ago. I broke my neck and my left wrist (I’m right handed). I used the settlement from the bike to buy a Gibson Les Paul and a fine Taylor (I still wanted something that would make my palms sweat with excitement). I had a SG, and I can show you the scratches I put in the back of it trying to still play it with a halo vest on. My wife is still haunted by the baseline of House of the Rising Sun that I played NONSTOP working on mobility of my left hand and strength after 6 months in casts. Guitars can change your life.
    Your program of quarterly review and goals is nothing new. I have done this in my office for years, setting Mount Everest goals and sailing right through them! It works, and Strategic Planning (what I call my business projects), set the course so you don’t wander into unneeded confusion and misdirection. Keep to your “WHY” and focus on that Hedge Hog idea of what you do better than anyone else in the world. You will surpass your goals, and I (we) would like to help.
    I would love to see some link into Guitars for Vets, and would happily help fund purchases and ideas to make this a strong and mystical link to rocket to new heights of service. This isn’t about what you can accomplish, but how you can serve and partner with people to move all of them forward (Trust and Inspire, Stephen Covey).
    Let us or me or whatever know how we can help move this ship into a new orbit!

  42. Sorry to turn the chapter but I get it.. I’ve looked forward to every Tuesday for about 3 years.. I posted a guitarsenal. I’ve bought two wonderful guitars based on your reviews and recommendations. I’ve been entertained immensely with the insider scoop of “news you can use”, and of course turned onto so many artists and music sources. . so thanks. Meanwhile, I would love some more advanced instruction. Maybe you can develop a portal so once someone gets going they can really take off. FB Wizard workshop comes to mind or other advanced instructional content. looking forward to more influence. thanks again. JJ

  43. This show made a big impression on me and I looked forwarded to it every week. I am sorry to see it go, but something will bloom big in its place. Rock on, Tony! We love you and your family. Your gifts and talents are unique and we are glad that you shared and continue to share with us what you have. Best wishes to your family.

  44. Thank you Tony!
    I have really enjoyed the Acoustic Tuesday show over the past few years. Learned a lot. That said I’ve gotten way more out of your teaching on TAC. I’m glad that you are going to keep focusing on that and helping guys like me be our best guitar selves. Looking forward to your next steps in your journey.

  45. Tony, Thank You for your inspiration and sharing your talents. I really enjoyed the show. I have learned to play the guitar and I am proud to be an active member of TAC, Keep on Keeping on and I will be following along as it develops. Your the Best!
    Have a Grateful Day!

  46. First time I watched the show was about 18 months ago. Turned me on to TAC, and I joined. My life is better. I never could finish learning to play a song, and now I can. All thanks to you Tony. I truly wish you the best, will miss the show, but will be with ya five days a week with TAC.

  47. Tony,
    I have watched so many of your Acoustic Tuesday shows. I will sign up again for TAC. I drifted away, but I want to recommit with you. I am the guy with too many guitars and the guilt of not playing because I feel inadequate in so many ways. Thank you for all the time you have put into your shows. Thank you for making your family a priority.

  48. I’ve enjoyed following you through the last couple years. Being able to see you on these weekly videos outside of the direct lessons has been encouraging as if you were sitting in my living room sharing and breathing life and inspiration into me . I like your teaching style and am always challenged but never overwhelmed. Thank you for all that you have done will do . I’m excited to see and experience what comes next on this journey . You have your personal Journey which you’ve made priority as you should. We each have ours as well that you are a part of with us. Thank you again for your influence on us all. See you at TAC and the 90 day progress parties.

  49. Hi Tony, Thank you for drop kicking me (gently) into my guitar journey. As a lefty I was dissuaded early on by a teacher who insisted on my learning right handed. During the dark days of the pandemic I decided to try again and bought a beginner model left handed Fender. And then I discovered you. Listening to your wonderful side-by-side comps of acoustic guitars I began to really hear the sound of a guitar in ways I never imagined. When I found a used Martin D16 lefty, based on one of your episodes, it changed everything. I’m still a rank novice but I play every day. I thank you for opening up a world I might never have discovered. So, as you continue on your journey of discovery, best of luck to you and your growing family. It’s gonna be awesome!

  50. Thank you, Tony. I have enjoyed your Tuesday shows for more than a year. You are always a kind inspiration. I believe you will continue to be successful and I’m confident I can learn a great deal from you. Go gettem!

  51. Tony,
    Thanks, once again, for your honest sharing. As someone with lifelong severe depression, the psychological/self-limiting aspect of my guitar journey has truly been the most difficult, and continues to be. Indeed, the habit science & philosophy & positivity you’ve incorporated into TAC has helped me with the psychological Ogre that limits and shuts down my playing. Thanks in large part to TAC and your encouragement to put ourselves into uncomfortable situations in playing guitar with others, I attended my first bluegrass musicians camp this summer (Camp Ponderoo). I practiced tolerating anxiety/discomfort, learned a ton, connected with wonderful folks, performed on stage in the public for the first time, and grew as a person and a musician. (I even got a personal, extended tour of PKT guitars and got to play some!) Playing music with others is for sure one of the richest means to learn and grow as a guitarist.

    So I’m very encouraged to hear you’ll be working on the process and psychology more in TAC–and very much look forward to it.

    With Thanks,

    Brett Davis

    (P.S. In the next 5 days, I’m going to be seeing BOTH Billy Strings AND Vincent Neil Emerson! )

  52. Tony, To date my committment to you has been once a week on Tuesday. I’d been toying with the idea of making a greater commitment by joining TAC and dedicating more time to my quitar playing. I’m close to retirement and the plan was that the TAC lessons were to be part of my retirement daily routine. Well, you’ve blown that idea! I can’t retire yet, so, I guess I’m going to have to start my TAC journey earlier than I planned. I’ll be seeing you on the flip side…..

  53. Tony really really really needs to work on driving traffic to the forums. Being able to communicate with others is what makes it feel like a community but unfortunately there seems to be less than 10 people that actually ever post anything.

  54. Tony
    Good on you to see family as a priority. Started playing country electric at age 10, switched to finger style at 18. A friend, fellow guitarist wrote an inductive finger style teaching program as his masters theses and I’ve been teaching out of that, and adding to it, since 1978. So I have a quite different approach. As I live in Billings if you ever want to see what I do let me know. Thanks for all you put into TAC and teaching. Tom

  55. Thanks, @Tpolecastro :
    For the many interesting episodes of Acoustic Tuesday that have expanded my knowledge and appreciation of many artists, led me to new types of guitars, equipment/accessories and ways/approaches of playing the guitar as well. I look forward to your new posts and guidance. I am glad to know you will also keep busy and close to your family. Looking forward to discovering the upcoming layers your new “identity”!

  56. Tony, thank you for the many years of The Acoustic Challenge show. It has definitely helped me in my guitar journey, as did the Acoustic Challenge videos. Your mention of self-limiting beliefs was fascinating. I just completed Positive Intelligence training, where we learned how to weaken our saboteur voices (negative emotions) and strengthen our sage powers (positive emotions). I am a coach who helps people discover who they are authentically, and be accountable for the actions they want to take to achieve their dreams. I would be interested in giving back to you in the form of making some of this training available to you at no cost to you–it will take your guitar coaching and your impact to a whole new level. Email me back if you’re interested in learning more.

  57. Thanks so much for those heartfelt comments Tony,well done.Watched every episode of AT,and enjoyed them all.
    Looking forward to seeing the new format and content,and continuing my guitar journey with TAC. Cheers!!!

  58. Many Blessings as you change your focus just a bit. Looking forward to the life long journey of becoming a better guitar player with your assistance. I believe you are making a great decision and it will pay dividends for you and your families future.

  59. Tony I felt a bit emotional because your emotions came through loud and clear. I will try to get over all the reasons in my head that causes me not to succeed and look forward to your next step. Thank you too for helping me on my journey. At 77 years it ain’t easy I tell you but you’ve helped. Best of luck.

    1. Wow Annette! Focusing on continuing to grow as a guitar player at 77 is truly inspirational! I just turned 69 and love playing guitar. It is one of the biggest joys in my life. Your comment puts a spotlight on a foundation for success and happiness. It is not the destination but the journey that is the true measure of success.

  60. Tony, I will greatly miss this show and hearing from you. You have been an inspiration to me to do more with guitar including lessons and in the future lutherie. This show gave me avenues to discover more of my passion for acoustic guitar. Your reasons are rock solid and I’m happy for you and your family and excited for what’s to come. I can tell you have had a journey and I thank God for using the guitar and giving you the talent and heart to do what you do and pull you from what was leading you down a bad path. You’re a gift to guitar geeks and potential guitar geeks everywhere. Thanks for all you do and many blessings to you and your next steps!

  61. Hi Tony,
    I have enjoyed the Acoustic Tuesday Show and will miss it, but you are absolutely making the right decision! I’m almost 3 years into TAC and you have made a gigantic difference in my guitar journey. Take care of your family and please keep doing your great work with TAC.

  62. I first started following your trail when you were doing reviews for Music Villa and have not missed an Acoustic Tuesday since you started the show. You’ve been a great help to me in getting back to my folk music days of the early ’60s and I now jam regularly with a couple of local groups.
    I can identify with your difficulty in stopping the show. After retiring from teaching high school science, I began a new career as a boating journalist and continued that for another 35 years. This year I dropped my last client, the premier sailing magazine in America. It was a dream job, testing new sailing yachts and cruising all over the world, and I loved it but age is catching up at 82 and physical limits have set in.
    Your sense of loss of identity is not unusual for a man in America, where we are raised to “Be our work”. I still feel it months after resigning from my journalism job. Luckily, there are other things to do, including playing and building guitars.
    Thank you for the years. Hang on and keep your eye on the compass, the new course will reveal itself.
    — Tom Dove

  63. Hey Tony, thank you for doing what you need to do. Your family will be with you all through your life and the time and love you give them will bring untold richness to your life.
    Also thank you for your authenticity now in making the decision to leave “The Show” and what you will bring to the future. I appreciate your fear of the future but have every confidence that you will reinvent your ways of bringing guitar knowledge and how to break through our guitar roadblocks to us in the future. Be well, be true to yourself. Kathy Gilchrist, Victoria, BC, Canada

  64. I am looking forward to the new lessons you will provide. I am 4-5 months into TAC and currently working on fretboard wizard. I am getting bits and pieces each week and what I am struggling with is taking it to the next step. Such as simply looking at tablature provided online and figuring out the strum pattern. Moving from weekly challenges to playing a complete song with instruction would be cool. Looking forward to seeing what you do with TAC! When will we see some of what you are working on? Cheers!

  65. Hi Tony,
    Thanks for six years of showing us your heart and soul regarding what the guitar means to you and what it can mean for us. Nothing in this life lasts forever. Good on you for making the right choice and rearranging your energy flow to nurture your family. You’ve resisted the seduction of success! The nature of change is that it’s inevitable, daunting, and sound. Let us know where we can find you.

  66. I totally support your decision Tony! I hate to see the show go, but understand and will be happy for the episodes that I got to enjoy. We’ll shift with you, and THANK YOU for all you have and will do. Thank you also for an honest explanation and sign-off.

  67. Hey Tony, I wish you all the best in the next phase of the journey. I consider myself one of your success stories. I’ve watched your Tuesday show since almost the beginning. When I started watching, I had a guitar which was more of a wall ornament for almost 50 years. You helped me get into a daily routine, and I now think of myself as a guitar player.
    So, thank YOU for helping me make the guitar a central part of my life. Dave

  68. Congratulations Tony.
    1) A decision that starts with family will always be a good decision
    2) If your goals dont make you uncomfortable (even a little scared) your aiming too low
    3) Goals based on helping others will always be good goals even if you only half achieved
    4) To make space for change in your life ….. you need to make space for change to occur
    Best of luck on your new journey!

  69. Good show Tony – thanks for filling us in and doing it in your own inspiring and authentic way.
    FWIW – TAC has already changed my life in a VERY positive way – so thank you! I believe what separates TAC from all of my other guitar teachers and subscriptions is your understanding and appreciation of the mental struggles no one else even acknowledges. I don’t always love everything we learn here but I always love the way we learn to do it. 10 minutes a day spent with you turbo charges the rest of my practice hour. Some days I dig into TAC and others its just the lift off but its always inspiring in a way that no one else even attempts 🙂

    I am excited to see where you take us and it next. Can never fault a man for focusing on his A#1 and I think we will all benefit. I liked that you shared the guitar 90 analysis to your life too – inspiring me to do that for the next 90 days starting this week!

    Head high man – you are doing BIG things!

  70. Thank you Tony for everything you’ve done to help me on my guitar journey! You have provided countless hours of instruction and inspiration that will continue to fuel me for as long as I can pick up a guitar. I am so grateful that I found you and the TAC family. Thank you thank you thank you!

  71. Good decision, you won’t regret it. Put Gid and Family first as really nothing else matters.

    This decision will pay you dividends in the years to come especially when you blink and see your children are suddenly your age now.

    Take care

    1. “Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. but it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.“ Churchill
      Looking forward to even better. Sometimes that requires dropping ballast.
      My dad drove his vehicles until all four brake shoes squealed like banshees. Better to fix it before it’s broke. Some things can’t be fixed. May God bless you in cherishing your family first.