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  1. I’m playing an Ovation Applause that my sweet friend let me borrow to learn on. I can’t wait to get my own acoustic!

  2. Art & Lutherie Legacy Q-Discrete (Denim) – I abandoned learning to play when I took up the lever harp. But now that I understand music, notes and chords better, I’m interested in guitar again.

  3. I have two different environments to practice in, home and work. At work I stay in camp and have to be quiet so I have a Traveler Pro Series that serves the purpose well and fits as carry-on luggage on the plane. At home I have an Ibanez EW20ASE cutaway and a recently inherited ’87 Fender 265C and an Epiphone Dot 335 Cherry.

  4. thanks Tony im playing a couple of guitars both of them i have build myself they are deep om models one is cocobolo back and sides with spruce top and the other is brazilian rosewood back and sides with spruce top . i started playing very late in life im 65 and loving it

  5. Yes and thank you for taking the time to make this nice and simple and fun I hear a lot of my bluegrass music in there.
    I’m playing a 1956 kay, I received as payment for working on the kay, I fell in love with it. I played it everyday while I had it and after I sprused it up and finishing the repair, i returned it, he loved the way that it sounded and impressed by the work that I done. so he played it for a couple of weeks and gave me the guitar as a Christmas gift.