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  1. 74 year old lifelong beginner with huge gaps after each of five kids. Once they start walking they love to grab at the strings. I have been playing intermittently since I was 12 and stopped progressing after about 6 months into the project. When I took my first (and only) set of lessons it was months of plucking out the melody of Hank Williams songs. I enjoyed it but it wasn’t what I wanted. I really looked forward to this lesson but can see that it’s going to take me time to master this challenge and move forward. I’m going to try though because I very much like this approach. Anyway, thanks for this opportunity.

  2. I had a guitar sitting in a corner for thirty or so years. I would pick it up from time to time and try to strum or learn something from a couple of books I had, but nothing ever sounded right or caught on. Then one day they announced in church that they were going to do guitar lessons for anyone interested. I jumped at the chance and learned enough basics to enjoy playing for myself. Since then I’ve taken a few lessons and acquired a few more guitars (guitar fever), but don’t really feel much mastery of the instrument. When people see the guitars, they always ask, “Oh, you play?” My response is always, “Well, I play around.” I am very interested in feeling like I really understand the guitar and am able to say, “Yes, I play!”

  3. I am a beginner but have always been involved in and around music. I played piano for about 5 years as a kid, played violin for a year and have always loved to sing. I was married to a guitarist and was a band wife for almost 20 years and have always wanted to learn, but life and kids took most of my time. I’m really excited to start this journey!

  4. I am a lifelong beginner! My late husband played and tried to teach me, my son plays but lives too far away and my 13 year old granddaughter plays! I just retired 3 days ago and , darn it, I am going to learn how to play so I can play with my son and granddaughter!

  5. Hi Tony.
    Total beginner here, my challenge has always been my big hands deadening other strings. It was and is frustrating, I put the guitar down and might come back to it in a few days which ends up being a few months/years. Not sure if this is normal but it has been the most frustrating part of learning. I have a bass guitar which was always easier for me to play but I need to learn how to play a regular acoustic guitar. Playing with friends is my goal, I think it will be nice to join in with others. Any tips for a guy with extra large mitts?