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  • Bill_Brown

    September 10, 2021 at 11:50 am

    That’s a good question @NW7 . Here is my quick answer. First of all, FW is strictly guitar focused – unlike a music theory text book. That being said, FW is not as “in depth” and doesn’t cover every aspect as a text book might with regard to the multitude and minutia of music theory😱 (apologies to those who majored in music and musicians by trade). Second, Tony “teaches” the subject matter in FW through video lessons divided into different topics (with quizzes) that build on each other. And you can go over the videos and quizzes as many times as necessary. It’s not just reading a bunch of words on a page, where you’re on your own to figure out what you just read, and what it really means🤔 or how that relates to guitar. Finally, you have the TAC Community, including previous graduates of FW😎, to help answer any questions you might have by simply posting the question in the Community Support Forum.

    One more thing, the “end game” with FW is that it leads you to create your own music and write your own song🤩. In fact, that is the final project of FW, before graduation. I don’t think you’ll get that from a text book!

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