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  • N-lightMike

    December 13, 2021 at 5:12 pm

    Hey Mark @mkjohnsons

    I feel like I could have written this… more than once in the past 2 1/2 years since I joined TAC. Tony/TAC asks us to come up with our “guitar dream scenario”. That’s supposed to be our raison d’etre (“reason to be” is all it actually means 😅).

    “I think maybe at the heart of it, it’s an “expectation” issue, but—– Is there a point where a person like me simply doesn’t NEED some of it, and/or, is learning how to play—– just for the enjoyment of it—– “good enough”? I’m NEVER gonna play on a stage in front of an audience– I just want to learn some cool skills inside and out, and be able to play “by ear”- to grab a guitar and “play along”, if you will.”

    So, an awful lot of what you said was just the background info. But you summarize your thoughts/feelings pretty well with this quote, so this is what I’m going to use to respond to.

    So, what I have arrived at since I have been here and gone through this more than once is 2 fold:

    A) You never need a reason… for anything… other than you want to. However, what you absolutely need is to have fun. When we are working on something that seems impossible and we wonder if we will ever need it, we are not having fun.

    Solution: Find a way to enjoy the lesson… or don’t do the lesson. Here’s the answer to your musings. If you will do all the lessons, no matter how impossible or never needed, it will help improve your guitar skills. The other side of the coin is that it doesn’t really matter. We are not going to master all aspects of the guitar. In fact, we are not going to master any aspect of the guitar. But, we can get some amount of skill on some aspects of the guitar. So where does that leave us? Enjoy the lesson or blow it off.

    B) Learn to love your sound. Another member said this once and I thought it was part of the answer to my feeling of being lost. So, I said we don’t need a reason other than we want to. Well, why do we want to if it just makes us feel confused and conflicted? Yeah, we have to have fun. But, have you ever just started messing around with some chords and rhythm and just got lost in the sound you were making? If not, try to find your way there. Just start playing some chords you can play easily. Play a rhythm you can play easily. Close your eyes and go on a journey with those chords and rhythm. Lose yourself in the sound… cause that’s the only reason you will ever need.

    So, let’s visit “expectation”. @jumpinjeff has said “expectation is where fun goes to die!” The other side of the coin is that you mention what you really want out of your guitar journey… learn some cool skills, play by ear and play along. If you can connect what you do with your guitar every single day to those long term outcomes, then you can get over that lost feeling. You can call your long term outcomes your proper expectation, that is, what you want out of your guitar journey. If you feel you are moving toward your goal, then you can put away the expectation that is hiding in the shadows trying to sabotage your guitar journey.

    One last thing. I have to revisit this philosophy frequently. That’s why I have boiled it down to those 2 simple things. Have fun (while doing lessons specifically). Enjoy my sound (every day if possible… don’t just practice/learn).

    MG 😀