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  • Bill_Brown

    December 16, 2021 at 10:19 am

    Hi @TXTornados , Welcome to TAC, hope you have a fun journey here. Let me start by saying that beginning with the “30 Days To Play” challenge was the right move on your part👍. Let me continue by saying that the premise of TAC isn’t mastery, it’s consistency😱, and by that I mean picking up your guitar every day and playing😎! So to sum things up, try to do each lesson, spending at least 10 minutes, then move on. You can always come back to them (if you feel like it) any time you want🤩. Let me add, this program is self paced, so you can do as many lessons in a day as you want, or as few in a week – you are the master of your own guitar journey here, so have fun🍾 and break a string!