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  • jumpinjeff

    December 19, 2021 at 9:20 am

    Hi @Dirk_R , consider as well what you are trying t to achieve with your bar. As mentioned getting you arch higher will contribute to chord clarity. @Loraine is spot on with the palm advise. Focus on trying to get your finger to contact the strings in a perpendicular manner so that the last phalanges is 90°<strong style=”font-weight: bold;”> to the fret board. Mine never quite get 90 but close enough for good sound. The next part is thinking about what your barred finger is actually doing. For that Fm it is only effecting sound on two strings A and high E strings, you can use the tip of you index to mute the low E. Sometimes by releasing pressure and focusing your bar with a bit more of a curve so the focus of pressure is on only those two strings (your other fingers are covering the DGB strings, so it is not really and equal pressure bar like a capo would be) You can use less tension to create a clear chord sound. That is my chord hack, doesn’t work for all bar chords but A shape bars for sure.