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  • jumpinjeff

    December 20, 2021 at 9:31 am

    Cool @Danny75 I hear what your saying for sure. Lets take the notion of simple and discard it….and start framing guitar things into ; I’d like to do it, I am working on it, I do it reflexively. By adopting this mindframe the ticking of the clock is removed and in doing so frustration, and foxhole mentality that prevents the full bloom of the creative mind gets put away. Now for the physical training of the fingers. Slow way down. Your observation regarding the continued use of those muscles tendon and ligaments is 100% spot on. Slowing down to a point where your mind and your muscle connect… to the point of precise execution….. is where your sweet spot is. I have had to go as slow as 30 bpm at times in order to get my fingers and brain to align. That is one beat (1/4 note, the down stroke) every 2 seconds or 1/8 note every 1 second (the up strokes too). If you get to this place of precision then you can work on accuracy. Accuracy involves repeating over and over so that the sound is the same. Without precision, I found myself chasing accuracy and never being able to catch it. Once you have nailed down precision and accuracy at a given speed that is when the exercise of increasing speed begins. In the beginning you are learning how hard you need to press the strings to make the sound you desire. It is why the slower speed is so important. (This is the phase where you get to explore and manage your physical and mental tension. It is something everyone has and the more you manage your playing away from it the faster you will progress.) This is one of the first skills that became intuitive for me, but only after I had figured out how to calibrate fingers and brain through the above process. By employing this method I was able to progress at a pace that surprised me. Without it I would work for months to get a song in the midst of frustration. When I started to slow down and go through it first for Precision, then Accuracy, then Speed I was rewarded with a most satisfying progress. Hopefully you can put some of this to use and find the same. Give it a shot and let us (forum folks) know how/if it helps or not.