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  • the-old-coach

    December 21, 2021 at 10:09 am


    What you’re experiencing now- (yes….. temporarily🙃)- is perfectly NORMAL.

    I’ve been thru it more times than I care to say– including very recently- and I’m working back thru it BECAUSE of the help from friends here in your/our TAC family!

    Give yourself some credit. “Learning to play guitar” period is not an easy task, and it’s also impossible to define, because we all have different starting points….. and end goals. As time goes by, your own personal playing habits and style and sound will lead you where you want to go– almost automatically.

    My dumb-guy analogy: If you are a golfer, you know that EVERY golfer’s swing is just a little different from others– but the end result over time is that they get the ball down the fairway however works best for them. Remember– there are FAR more similarities than differences in their swings- but each IS just a little bit different, based on their own abilities and goals. To me– just like guitar. Those shots “right down the middle” may have been only once in a while at the start, but over time, they come more often. And when they DO– man it feels great!

    Again— just like guitar….

    You have some very wise and detailed advice already here from some VERY caring and experienced sources; I certainly cannot offer any better.

    My own tip— Read thru the posts here TWO OR THREE TIMES. Pick them apart. There is wise, experienced, help– both on the surface— and between the lines- (as things apply to your own journey).

    And just keep playin’!!!!

    Mark J