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  • N-lightMike

    December 26, 2021 at 10:48 am

    Hey @TIm_C ,

    An acoustic guitar can handle a pretty wide range of humidity, like 35% – 65%. Unfortunately, you live in one of those areas of the country where the humidity frequently goes well out of those ranges. Of course, no one can tell you if your current guitar will come back. That’s just an unfortunate thing and I’m sorry you had to experience it. But in the future, solid wood guitars can’t sit out there in Colorado.

    Guitars that are made from HPL, or High Pressure Laminate (a high tech name for plywood) can take much more in the way of humidity and temperature changes. But they can also become ruined. Of course, guitars that are not solid wood cost a lot less. And here’s the funny thing, you can never tell from guitar to guitar. Each piece of wood is different. You might see someone you know leave their Martin sitting out and the guitar is fine. But it’s risky, cause when it happens, many times it’s too late.

    You might go check out this topic for suggestions on getting a guitar for under $500. That way you can have a playing guitar that you leave out and you are less worried about it. And you can have something to play right now.


    Again, I’m sorry this happened to you. I hope I have helped some.

    MG 😀

    Good Sounding Guitar for 300-500