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  • Bill_Brown

    February 21, 2023 at 3:56 pm

    Hi @Kinga , perhaps a little history of the TAC site may be in order here. In March of 2021, TAC and the TAC website underwent a change in it’s format (and philosophy). There used to be 3 different play videos for every lesson, each having it’s own speed (slow, medium, fast) and in the case of the particular lesson that you’re working on, the “old” videos did count down from 5 (slow) then 3 (medium) and 1 (fast). However, in the new format, there was a push to conserve sever space. One of the results to make that happen was the elimination of the medium & fast videos for each lesson. In place of that, the “speed control” was added to the “play videos”. Unfortunately for the particular lesson that you’re currently working on, (mathematically speaking) the speed control doesn’t work. So my best advice is to keep going on the play video that starts at 5, and wait for it to reach 3, and when you’re ready, wait for it to count down to 1 before you fret and play the chord.