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  • N-lightMike

    March 1, 2023 at 10:12 am

    So, @Jnc51 , you’ve already got the idea. The rhythm player is playing B major and E major. Then the other girl is simply playing solo in B and E.

    So, if you can play your barre chords, you simply move up 2 frets. Then play the 6th string barre and the 5th string barre. Then if you record that, you can play solo using the Bm pentatonic scale spanning the 7th fret to the 10th fret.

    The way that “real” musicians learn is by ear. So, once you’ve found your place on the guitar, use your ear to try to copy them. Of course, you’ll have to use their key to learn the tune. And you’ll have to play the video over and over again. Just start at the beginning and work your way through it.

    I, personally, don’t have the desire to do this and I don’t have the experience to do it quickly. So this is the best I can do for you.

    MG 😀