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  • N-lightMike

    March 1, 2023 at 10:32 am

    Hey @Steve2150 ;

    Let me start by saying many professional players use regular guitars even though they have large hands and fingers. A new guitar could make things slightly easier, but it’s hardly the solution to your current problem, so forget that suggestion for now.

    Here’s the “real” solution. As time goes on, things will get easier. Your fingers and hands will get more flexible and you’ll find positions that work better.

    Most people who start, should be doing finger exercises for strength, flexibility and independence.

    Lay your hands palm down on a flat surface with the fingers splayed apart. Then try to lift the fingers one at a time. Do this daily for several months and it will greatly speed up the beginning process of your guitar journey.

    When you can easily lift index, middle, ring, pinky, then go in reverse order. When that’s easy, then lift 2 fingers at a time, index and ring, middle and pinky.

    Now, as for the G chord, when you are fretting the 5th string, you need the 4th sting open. However, you are fretting the 6th string one fret higher, so if you touch that string it doesn’t matter. So the very simple and current solution is to move your finger toward the 6th string. This will help if you can get the correct position. But that’s what I start out saying. You will find the positions that work for you and it will get easier… it just takes time.

    MG 😀