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  • Posted by Peter on April 23, 2021 at 6:59 am

    How do I TAC?

    1. I generally play every day even if it’s only for 10 minutes. That 10 minute thing however doesn’t happen very often.

    2. I try to practice from 9-10 each morning. Everything after that is a bonus. I try to play just for the pleasure of it at least another hour every day in the afternoon or evening.

    3. I play in my study, the room in my picture or late at night down in the kitchen where I won’t disturb (that hurts) my wife or my neighbours.

    4. Before TAC, I was searching for some help but nothing I tried (you tube, internet, live lessons) seem to fit. I didn’t know how to learn or what I needed and neither did they. So I generally bored myself by playing and doing the same old things. It was uninspiring and kind of boring. I was lucky enough to trip over TAC and it has changed things for me a lot.

    – I now have an automatic routine. I have a new lesson waiting for me every day. I don’t have to think about it. It’s all there and I just have to show up.

    – I learn something new every day. This makes it fun and exciting. Although I don’t necessarily learn every lesson perfectly, I can tell that the lessons stretch me and this carries over into all my playing.

    – I am by no means a virtuoso nor will I ever be but I find myself discovering and doing new things every day that regularly amaze me. I really love the music that I make now and the expression that I am often able to incorporate into playing over and above just playing the right chords or notes.

    5. I don’t really have a non-guitar item essential but I do have something else that is an essential part of my routine. I have five acoustic guitars. I store them in cases with their humidifiers in my TV room. Every morning I wake up and wonder, what guitar should I play today. There is no going to sleep after that. I lie there thinking about it for a while and then go down and pick one out. As I open up the case and look at the guitar it is just like opening up a present and every day is Christmas. I love that part and it is a big motivator for me to get up, start my day and play the guitar.

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