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  • Posted by Virg on April 29, 2021 at 1:21 pm

    1.) How many days per week do you play?

    On most weeks I will play at least 7 times for at least 10 minutes More often than not I will end up playing later in the day especially if I like the daily lesson or practice a song I’m learning.

    2.) What time do you play?

    I usually grab a coffee after breakfast around 9:00, go into my room run through my hand warm up, (speed challenges, or scales ) then get going on the daily challenges. Then later in the day around 6:00 I’ll pick it up again and work on a song or run through the challenge again. I have a deal with my hubby I make dinner he does the dishes, while he does the dishes I practice….win win for me😊

    3.) Where do you play?

    I will start my daily lesson in our little sunroom, often I’ll bring my guitar into the living room, just as a visual reminder. I have found this has helped my progress in leaps and bounds. I’ll often work on barre cords while watching TV.

    4.) What was your guitar life like before having a guitar routine and how has implementing a consistent guitar routine helped you?

    To be honest I had no guitar routine before, I had the desire but didn’t know how to get started. I have taken private lessons a few times, online corses. I knew I needed to practice but got board quickly and my dream of playing was almost crushed.

    TAC is changing my guitar life! Not only do I practice everyday now but I’m really enjoying the progress and am having fun with it all. I am gaining the confidence to tackle barre cords with out fear. I remember a few time when I first joined TAC, I would watch a daily challenge and think…. Are you Kidding???? I can’t do that. But now I tackle the lessons and know everyday I’m getting a little better. I never expect to learn pull-offs, slides, hammer on’s, fingerpicking, flat picking, Love this program, I may become a lifer.

    5.) Bonus Question: What is one non-guitar item that is a must have in your guitar routine?

    Well of course I have my compute, but in the morning always have a coffee, evenings I’ll grab a tea.

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