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  • Posted by Read on April 29, 2021 at 6:21 pm

    1- How many days a week?

    Every moment of every day I can. If I miss a Daily TAC…I try hard to make them up later. (Except Drop Tuning Vids as my tuner doesn’t recognize these notes)

    2- What Time do I practice?

    Usually at night weekdays and as often as possible on weekends.

    3- Where do I play?

    Everywhere…..In my office, in the living room, in hotel rooms (been kicked out 2X), in the car, and out by the fire pit.

    4- My Guitar Life?

    Hmmm…. Now that’s the bugger isn’t it?

    Though I’ve a life long love and respect for guitars and players, I wasn’t born with any Patience so guitar playing was never my future. I’ve always been very active, love building, creating and fixing things with an engine that always ran hot.

    That all changed a few years ago when open heart surgery gave me a double dose of Perspective and Patience. I don’t know if I’m running against or running from The Clock…I just know I play, and play, and play, and I play. The Guitar has replaced, or found It’s place, in my life. Like most parents, My wife and kids have always received 100% effort/thought/emotion. Guitar now fulfills “My One Thing”.

    I don’t really care if anyone likes what I’m playing or how I sound as Guitar is for Me. Conversely, I care What I am playing as it took me a while to fully understand how important song choice really is. That picking a song You really like is so important because You’re going to be practicing to play It….A LOT. At 55 I don’t waste any more time on shoes that don’t fit, or for songs I don’t like.

    What’s in my hand other than a guitar? Weekdays is usually a glass of wine/beer and Weekends it’s “Wet Willy” Time….Playing Fireside with Whiskey and Willie playing in the background.

    Tony…You keep doing and I’ll keep doing…and maybe one day someone will here my playing and say: “Thanks for Playing that Song”.

    Appreciate You,


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  • atomikman

    April 29, 2021 at 10:17 pm

    Just hello dude🤝👍 , and keep on doing what you do…🎸

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