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  • Posted by Kim-Fitz on April 24, 2021 at 5:39 pm

    1.) How many days per week do you play?

    I commit to 5 days but sometimes play 6 or7 days.

    2.) What time of day do you play?

    I usually play in the morning but anytime really.

    3.) Where do you play?

    I play in the living room. We have a pretty open house layout and it’s a room I’m in or walk through a lot. It gives me a good visual to my guitars which reminds me to practice.

    4.) How has implementing a consistent guitar routine helped you? (if possible name 3 ways).

    It helps motivate me to play. <div><div>

    It has strengthened my fingers and improved my consistency.

    The Tac daily challenge forced me to use a pick which I hated. Now am glad I’m learning to use it!

    5.) Bonus Question: What is one non-guitar item that is a must have in your guitar routine?

    Well, I don’t always implement this but I really should and that’s stretching! Especially my fingers!


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