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  • Speed challenge

    Posted by Elaine on December 4, 2022 at 8:07 pm

    I did the lesson for Monday, “Shutout,” this evening as I have been also working on Fretboard Wizard other nights. I was proud of myself for being able to keep up with this easy exercise at 1x speed. After looking at a few comments, SkillSeeker commented about doing it at 2x speed. So I took up the “challenge” and also played it at the 2x speed. I had fun and kept up pretty well on it, and that is my small win 🙂

    Cadgirl replied 1 year, 4 months ago 3 Members · 3 Replies
  • 3 Replies
  • Kitman

    December 5, 2022 at 5:37 am

    Great wins @Elaine ! Congrats!

  • Elaine

    December 5, 2022 at 7:23 pm

    Thank you!

  • Cadgirl

    December 6, 2022 at 2:58 am

    @Elaine , good job on the challenge. Sometimes my fingers get all tied up on those challenges. Good job and keep it up. Good luck on the Wizard too.

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