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  • Which way next?

    Posted by jdkruger on February 6, 2024 at 9:22 am

    Hi everybody.

    So I completed the 30 day and the 5 day, where do I go next?

    albert_d replied 4 months ago 3 Members · 3 Replies
  • 3 Replies
  • Philb

    February 17, 2024 at 6:49 pm

    You can check out the skill courses and pick something that interests you. “Your Next Six Chords” is a good place to go.
    You can start doing the Monday through Friday Daily Challenge. The whole week fits together. If you’re like me; you will feel overwhelmed, and like, I can’t do this, or barely do it. That’s okay. Just do it, the best you can, putting in at least 10 minutes, mark it complete and move on to the next one the next day. It isn’t cheating, even if you feel like you really didn’t get it. You will improve. The challenges come around every so often, and you will do better the next time something like this comes up.
    Jump in and get your feet wet.

  • jdkruger

    February 19, 2024 at 3:14 am

    Thanks Phil.

    I moved on to the daily challenges. And they are very challenging at that.

    This way of learning guitar is fantastic and I’m progressing much faster that I would have on my own just doing YouTube videos.

    Thanks again for your kind words.

  • albert_d

    February 19, 2024 at 7:07 am

    Ditto what @philb said. He is right on. Enjoy.

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