January Progress Party (Replay)

Welcome to the Q1 2023 Guitar Progress Party replay! To make sure you don’t miss the next one, please add Wednesday, April 5th @ 11am Mountain Time to your calendar now. If you’ve never attended a 90-Day Progress Party, go here to see how it all works.

Downloads Mentioned in This Workshop

  1. Download TAC Guitar Routine Journal (v1.1 – Interactive PDF)
  2. Download TAC Zoom Backgrounds

Wear Your TAC Gear in the Next Progress Party

What is the 90-Day Progress Party?

These Progress Parties happen at 11am Mountain Time on the first Wednesday of these months:

  • January
  • April
  • July
  • October

Why should you show up?

In the workshop, Tony will guide you through reflecting on your wins from the last 90 days and help you create your next 90-day goal. This is a major bonus to your TAC membership that’s designed to help you re-focus and get inspired by success stories from your fellow TAC Family – and share your own wins! You’ll also get the first look at TAC news and updates.

A replay will be available within a day or two of the live workshop, just click the “Progress Party Replays” link on the right of the Acoustic Tuesday show section of the website.

And here’s a tip! During the breakout session Tony will have a special discussion so even if you attended live you may want to view the replay to see what he discussed!

We hope to see you at the next live Progress Party!

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  1. I couldn’t tune in for the live progress party. I went on vacation for most of the month of January, so here I am on Feb 1 watching the recap of the 90 day progress party. Thanks for the replay.

  2. Our modem died and my husband spent the day of the party getting us up and running again. Glad for the replay. Thank you, Tony, and the others who put this together. Finally had a chance to listen today and get inspired. Now to set my new goals.
    P.S. I wanted to finish Fretboard Wizard before the meeting, but didn’t get that done. I did finish yesterday. Learned a lot, but will definitely need to go over the concepts again. And when it was overwhelming, I picked up what I could that day and came back to it the next day or so until it clicked.

  3. Thank you for making this replay available. I have April 5 on my calendar and and commit to be there in person. I am so inspired by you and the TAC family. My guitar journal is complete. I have my goals for next April.
    1. Play guitar at least 10 minutes 6 days a week for 90 days.
    2. Learn 3 songs from start to finish.
    3. Understand 1,4,5 in C, G, and D keys.
    I am the guitar player that you talk about over and over, the one that’s been playing since high school (I’m 61) and never progressed. Putting down the guitar for months on end, playing the same 1/2 songs, re-learning the last thing I learned… you know the drill.
    I have belonged to the TAC family since Feb 2022 (my husband bought me the lessons because he’d rather hear guitar than my concertina playing…haha) , but I really didn’t start picking up my guitar right away after joining….However, I still tuned into Acoustic Tuesdays weekly. Learned about different guitars, learned about different styles of music and about artists I’d never heard of. I’ve Learned a TON about acoustic guitar! One of those episodes was about reasons you tell yourself why you don’t play your guitar. This one got me, Tony, because my reason was “I’m not playing because I need a new guitar.” For several reasons I REALLY DID need a new guitar! My husband even agreed, and told me to pick one for my birthday in November. I picked out a Taylor Koa GS Mini, and it just so happened that Taylor was having a buy one full price, and get a GS Mini for $299, and my husband said GET TWO. Yeah. So now, well … I’ve got a mini Guitarsenal. The GS Mini, my ANCIENT ovation, and a VERY sweet Taylor 324 ce V-class grand concert. And I’ve been signing in ALMOST every day since. It hasn’t been that long… a month… but I feel my feet are finally on my guitar journey path. I’ve got a routine. I’m telling you this just to encourage anyone one out there who signed up for your course and hasn’t really been playing… to encourage them to if nothing else… watch the acoustic tuesday show… and let you and the TAC family vibe slowly seep into you until one episode hits you in such a way that you finally get on your guitar journey path one way or another. I am REALLY enjoying my lessons. I SOOOO Appreciate your positive instruction and the whole TAC family… Thanks again Tony, and See you in April.

  4. Caught the replay the following Saturday.
    I equate this to strategic planning like at work, a check, recharge, set new goals pep rally with friends, which really works.
    This is just another reason I love this place.