April Progress Party

Welcome to the Q1 2023 Guitar Progress Party replay! To make sure you don’t miss the next one, please add Wednesday, July 5th @ 11am Mountain Time to your calendar now. If you’ve never attended a 90-Day Progress Party, go here to see how it all works.

Downloads Mentioned in This Workshop

  1. Download TAC Guitar Routine Journal (v1.1 – Interactive PDF)
  2. Download TAC Zoom Backgrounds

Wear Your TAC Gear in the Next Progress Party

What is the 90-Day Progress Party?

These Progress Parties happen at 11am Mountain Time on the first Wednesday of these months:

  • January
  • April
  • July
  • October

Why should you show up?

In the workshop, Tony will guide you through reflecting on your wins from the last 90 days and help you create your next 90-day goal. This is a major bonus to your TAC membership that’s designed to help you re-focus and get inspired by success stories from your fellow TAC Family – and share your own wins! You’ll also get the first look at TAC news and updates.

A replay will be available within a day or two of the live workshop, just click the “Progress Party Replays” link on the right of the Acoustic Tuesday show section of the website.

And here’s a tip! During the breakout session Tony will have a special discussion so even if you attended live you may want to view the replay to see what he discussed!

We hope to see you at the next live Progress Party!

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  1. Hey wonderful TAC Team… my first 90 days was very inconsistent so I am recommitting this next 90 days to keep a consistent routine. I am curious if you all do not do the 5 days a week – how do you navigate the daily challenges. Do you just stick with the one you are on and work through that then move on to the next?

  2. Tony, family obligations required my attention so I missed the live party, but I really enjoyed the replay. Your leadership through the process and the goal setting is some of the best teaching methods ever, your personal reflections on your goals are inspiring, and the TAC member interviews were awesome. They were some amazing people. I had wandered away from the daily challenges, took an in person guitar class, but have now come home to the best guitar learning environment ever. My 90 day goal is to do the daily challenges each week, use the guitar journal, and joyfully enjoy the TAC family. Thank you for creating this special place!

  3. I had to leave early before finishing yesterday but my Fast Start Milestone for my 90 day goal in June was to choose the songs I will learn-
    So, today (Thurs), I picked the hymn “In the Garden” to play solo and sing
    the 2nd song to learn was from tab fingerstyle the song is also a hymn called “I Know Whom I Have Believed” from tab by John Standefer

  4. I’m on re play
    Couldn’t make it yesterday,
    Enjoy your teaching
    My routine is I listen to you early in morning and think of during day
    Get home from work and I practice at 8:00 .
    I can tell in past 90 days my fingers move better and I start picking up things you allready taught and when you teach again it is easier for me, thanks a lot
    Just got a Collings D41 to me by my employer and family, they walked in my shop and presented to me , so
    I am estatic
    I don’t ever mark complete when I do the class but I always do everyday
    Saturday and Sunday I go over what previous week daily challenge
    Thanks a lot
    Jerry measimer Richfield NC

  5. Tony, I was not able to attend the live 90 day progress session but started to watch the replay session/video. I am one and a half hour into and have enjoyed it very much. If I may make a suggestion to reduce the time….2 and a half hours is just too long. I think the idea of doing this every 90 days is excellent. Hopefully this is constructive criticism and I say it not to offend but hopefully to add some feedback.