Martin VS Taylor: The Definitive Showdown • Acoustic Tuesday 137

Today, I’m focusing on the definitive showdown between Martin guitars and Taylor guitars. While both companies make excellent guitars, there’s been a battle between the two that needs to be put to rest.

In order to create the Martin vs. Taylor definitive showdown, I created seven categories that the two companies will be evaluated on. Each category, I’ll do a holistic study of both Taylor and Martin to determine who wins in that category.

To decide which company is better, I’ve picked the following categories:

  • History
  • Sustainability
  • Manufacturing
  • Standard model lineup
  • Innovation
  • Custom shop
  • Artist roster

At the end of this showdown, there will be only one winner…and I can’t wait to hear what you have to say about it! As always, be nice in the comments — I know you will, but I just have to say it!

As always, you can watch Acoustic Tuesday at 10 am every Tuesday.

This Week on Acoustic Tuesday

Instead of doing a recap for each segment on Acoustic Tuesday, I’m going to leave you just with the links for the full videos, interviews, and factory tours.

I’d hate to spoil the surprise of who wins this week.

Round 1: History – Visit the Martin Museum with The Fretboard Journal – Watch me interview Chris Martin CEO of Martin Guitars! – A Martin History Retrospective

Round 2: Sustainability – Watch part 1 of my interview with Bob Taylor, CEO of Taylor Guitars – Watch part 2 of my interview with Bob Taylor, CEO of Taylor Guitars – Watch part 3 of Tony’s interview with Bob Taylor, CEO of Taylor Guitars – See some of the sustainability initiatives within the Taylor factory

Round 3: Manufacturing – See inside the Taylor guitar factory

Round 4: Model Lineup – Checkout Taylor’s standard model offerings

Round 5: Innovation – See one of Martin’s biggest innovations: The Dreadnought – See one of Taylor’s biggest innovations: V-Class bracing

Round 6: Custom Shop – Meet the Martin Custom shop

Round 7: Artist Roster – Watch John Moreland play his Martin D28 – Watch Billy Strings play a 1950 Martin D28 – Watch Molly Tuttle play a 1941 Martin D45

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  1. A Martin is a Martin. The only guitar for me. I took a D-28 to Vietnam in July 1968 and have never looked back. Taylor makes great sounding guitars, but it was Martin that came up with forwarded shifted scalloped bracing. It adds to the tone and volume that cannot be reproduced. I now have an HD-28 V which I will take to my grave. Nothing comes close to it.