Martin VS Gibson: The Definitive Comparison • Acoustic Tuesday 148

Martin vs. Gibson: The Definitive Comparison will attempt to compare two of the oldest and most iconic American guitar makers. It may not be easy, but after doing some research and I found that this was a fairly close matchup.

After the Martin vs. Taylor episode, some of you suggested I do this Martin vs. Gibson episode. Well, I heard you loud and clear! That’s why this entire episode is dedicated to pitting these two American guitar makers against each other.

I’ll be judging the two companies on seven different categories — seven rounds of battling it out. I’ll evaluate the companies on history, sustainability, manufacturing, model offerings, innovation, artist rosters, and custom shops.

As always, you can catch Acoustic Tuesday at 10 am every Tuesday.

Show Notes – Orville Gibson History – Gibson Acoustic Factory Tour – Martin Factory/Chris Martin – Martin Guitars Custom Shop – 939 History Piece – X brace history (Madame De Goni) – Martin Environment/B corp – Reimagined 28 series – The Martin Archives story

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