5 BEST Yamaha Acoustic Guitars [Cheap!] • Acoustic Tuesday 199

After selling acoustic guitars around the U.S. for 15 years, I’ve come to realize not all guitars are made equal. But when it comes to value and price-point, Yamaha is always one of the top contenders. In this video I review 5 different models and share why each of these guitars has left such a huge impact on me!

Being in music retail helped me see why cheaper isn’t always better. But I was always surprised at the quality of Yamaha acoustic guitars. In fact, one of my favorite Yamaha acoustic guitars in today’s list is also one of the cheapest guitars that I’ve ever put my “stamp” of approval on!

The beauty of Yamaha acoustic guitars is that they offer a little something for every kind of guitar player. Whether you have small hands, you just started playing, or you’re looking to upgrade from your current guitar, it feels like there’s a Yamaha acoustic guitar for almost every occasion.

That’s why I took the time to make a video on my 5 favorite Yamaha Acoustic Guitars. And, while I technically am looking at nine different guitars, many of these models are similar enough that they basically are the same guitar.

If I’ve left out your favorite Yamaha acoustic guitar model, be sure to let me know in the comments!

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  1. Hi Tony,
    I am using a Yamaha (Red Label ?) FG-150 guitar. What is your opinion of this model? It has been enjoyable for me as I progress on my TAC Journey.
    Jim Lutz Jr

  2. Good afternoon Tony;
    A great show #199. My first guitar is a Yamaha FG-412L. I got it for my 50th birthday way back in 2001. It sounds full and great to me. I think it was in the $300 – 350 range at the time It’s been a struggle and you’ve heard ALL the excuses. I can’t add anything here. While circling the wagons to find this gem I spoke with several peeps about lessons or learning on my own and playing. One guy from church said PLAY IT!. His anecdote was a woman who took guitar lessons and was too afraid to play for fear of making a mistake. I took his advice, picked my poison and have been playing ever since. What I tell people is I play for my own amusement and sing to make them squirm, haha. But the time has arrived when I need to set myself straight and buckle down to play everyday. It’s coming but slowly. I will stay in touch and let you know how the battle (spelled F-U-N) continues.
    Thanks you’re an inspiration.

    Danny O’Brien