10 Must-Follow Guitar Builders on Instagram • Acoustic Tuesday 213

Quit doom scrolling and start learning! And don’t worry — you don’t have to stop scrolling! Today, you’ll hear about 10 must-follow guitar builder accounts on Instagram and Facebook that will inspire, educate, and entertain you with stories about building guitars.

Each of these guitar builders, or luthiers, was selected because they have beautiful images, incredible stories, and insights on the creation of the most magical instrument.

My goal is to help immerse you in the world of guitars. So, even if you aren’t playing or sitting with the guitar in your lap, you can still learn about different aspects of the guitar.

These luthiers have incredible stories to share with the world, and I want to help them get the word out! And, I want to help you discover a new world of guitar builders that you may have not even known about.

And, let’s be real for a second…we could all use some positivity in our social media feeds, which is another reason I wanted to share this list with you. All of the luthiers are sure to share incredible photos, stories, and demos of some incredible guitars played by incredible musicians.

Without further ado, here’s the list:

  • @hallandguitars (https://www.instagram.com/hallandguitars/)
  • @ejhendersonguitars (https://www.instagram.com/ejhendersonguitars/)
  • @matsudaguitars (https://www.instagram.com/matsudaguitars/)
  • @prewarguitars (https://www.instagram.com/prewarguitars/)
  • @Mule Resonator Guitars (https://www.instagram.com/muleresonatorguitars/)
  • @Greenfield Guitars (https://www.instagram.com/greenfieldguitars/)
  • @benjaminpaladacciguitars (https://www.instagram.com/benjaminpaldacciguitars/)
  • @dionguitars (https://www.instagram.com/dionguitars/)
  • @tempestguitars (https://www.instagram.com/tempestguitars/)
  • @Tom Sands (https://www.instagram.com/tom_sands_guitars/)

Also featured in this Episode…

  • Eric Clapton and his ’68 Martin D-45
  • Jake Workman and “Whiskey Before Breakfast”
  • Ryan Acker’s “Ear to the Ground”

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  1. Tony.
    Another entertaining and informative Acoustic Tuesday. I offer the below as 3 more worthy of consideration (in now particular order)
    1) Treehouse Guitars, Ontario, Canada – small outfit – Chief Cook = Zach Lefebvre
    2) Froggy Bottom Guitars in Chelsea, Vermont – Chief Cook = Michael Millard
    3) Bourgeois Guitars in Lewiston, Maine – Chief Cook = Dana Bourgeois.

  2. Tony, you talked about Adam at Iris Guitars back in January 2021. Why not follow him? ON YOUR recommendation I phoned him. And, well sent you an email through TAC

  3. Hea Tony, I have been watching the guys at Driftwood Guitars here in Florida. Somtimes makes me sick to see them cut guitars in half, but it does tell a lot about the people that make them. Oh yeah Vasey blocked 26 shots yesterday on the NY team Your friend Guy B. Champa bay FL.

  4. Hi Tony. I am from Vancouver Island, British Columbia. I would love for you to take a look at the website of Riversong Guitars, of Kamloops, British Columbia. Mike Miltimore is the founder, owner, luthier of Riversong Guitars. These guitars are handmade in Kamloops, BC. I currently own three Riversong models: The G2 Magagna (designed by David Magagna and Mike Miltimore; the G2 Vienna walnut and maple parlour guitar; and a red cedar and yellow cedar classical guitar of which only one has been made. There are some special, unique features of the Riversong Guitars. And something that I love about Mike and Riversong is that they also concentrate on excellent quality, excellent sounding and very playable affordably priced production guitars in addition to wonderful, creative, unique custom shop models. Thanks, Tony!!

  5. Tony I have been following the Driftwood Guitars. They are building a 3000 year old guitar, also they are also building a guitar made from some wood from Woodstock. real cool

  6. Hi Tony
    All I can say is take a look at Atkin Guitars, here in the UK. I know that some of the wonderful Atkin guitar range is available via the Chicago Music Exchange.
    I would love to hear your thoughts reading these superb guitars.

  7. Got to throw out the names of two luthiers that have caught my eye and ears: Tyler Robbins; Jeff Jewitt. Both of these guys excel when it comes to using maple, super high on my preference list for tone woods when done correctly. Great show Tony Thanks!!!