10 Holiday Gifts for ANY Guitar Geek (2021) ★ Acoustic Tuesday 215

The holidays are quickly approaching, which means it is time to start thinking about gifts for you and your fellow guitar geeks. In this episode, you’ll get some tips on great deals for guitar geeks as well as ideas on guitar geek presents!

The holiday season can be chaotic. On top of that, t can be hard to explain what gifts you want to your spouse and family if they aren’t guitar geeks. Fortunately, I have a great solution. Just send them this video and you’ll be sure they get you something good!

But in all seriousness, the episode today is designed to help you narrow down your choices, see some suggestions on specific brands that I love, and help you save some dough in the process.

Whether you’re looking for a new piece of art or your contemplating on getting a new guitar, this episode is chalk-full of great guitar geek gear and gifts. There’s something for everyone on this list, and be sure to check out the coupon codes in the episode!

In addition to talking about holiday gifts for guitar geeks, you’ll get the chance to hear a new blues progression that will have you rocking out. This week is the blues challenge week, which means every day will focus on a different blues progression.

Last but not least, you’ll hear all the latest acoustic guitar news you can use. From new album releases to incredible stories, you don’t want to miss this episode.

Featured Coupon Codes…
Native Sons Guitar Straps 15% off – ACOUSTIC15
Santa Cruz Parabolic Strings 2-for-1 (Exp. Dec. 3) – TONYRULES
A New Furch or Larrivee Guitar From @Heartbreaker Guitars – TONY10

Featured in this Episode…

  • Molly Tuttle her band Golden Highway’s new album
  • Kaki King tour dates announced
  • Michael Hedges new website and archives

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  1. Just received my new (Christmas / birthday present to myself…..) Native Sons Guitar Strap. I selected the “Jupiter” design. Wow – this thing is absolutely gorgeous and comfortable ! Thanks for the discount Tony!

  2. I’m a sentimentalist when it comes to many things, but see absolutely no point leaving behind chars of unrestored remnant wood. The burnt wood has no resonant sound property. Either it’s a restored playable guitar or it’s a paperweight.

  3. Yeah Tony I agree, somehow if they could leave some of the story of that Martin with it would be great. I am the guy with the Ovation that was hit by lightning, was in the eps. # 36 Guitarsenal segment. I have seriously been thinking of ways to revive my old friend.For me i never felt or played a better neck. (miss that).Good show, your friend Guy B. in Champa Bay Fl. Lightning 12 & 5 so far.

  4. Martin did a beautiful job on the 1947. Looking at the original fingerboard, it had seen a lot of use in its first life! I wonder how the exposure to the fire affected the tone of the guitar. it is now terrified all over!

  5. Yep Agree re 1947. They should have left one patch (possibly on the back) to show its provenance. Some would have put it upfront. Great story.

  6. Tony,
    I agree with you on the 1947 Martin 0017 restoration. Leaving a bit of char would have been awesome. That is not to say that the full restoration is less than stellar, it certainly turned out beautiful. I am partial to Martin guitars, I have a 1977 D-18 Martin that I play everyday.

    Best regards,

  7. Thanks Tony, for the show!
    First, let’s add a gift idea to yours. I bought the “Super Snark” clip-on tuner, and find it amazing. Easy to use, convenient to just leave attached to the guitar, and about $20. I’m actually going to gift it to my ex-wife’s husband! Way out of my comfort zone…

    Second, I’m hoping you got Victoria’s message from last week from me. I know it may be played on an electric, but the guitar-only backing riff on Johnny Cash’s “Devil’s Right Hand” is amazing. Any chance you can teach us?

    Finally, I’m going to try to attach a video for the first time. I had such a good time on Thanksgiving playing the E-Major riff that your dad had taught you for my family, thought you’d like to see it.

    Thanks and have a good week,

  8. Hi Tony, re the Rebuilt Martin! What a fabulous job, but I agree with you, I think they’ve missed the point! It’s a new guitar now! But it’s not new! it’s an old guitar that looks new! I wonder what effect it’s had on the tone? It’s certainly unique!

  9. Great show – Thanks for the gift guide. I have several items that will be gifts to a few folks that have been so helpful to me in my guitar journey! I agree with you about leaving some of the burn marks on the refinished Martin. It is the “whips and scorns of time” that record our adventures, victories and defeats as we journey through life. They are not to covered or masked, but should in fact be celebrated.