How the Gibson J200 Changed the World • Acoustic Tuesday 226

It’s the king of the flattops, but could the Gibson J200 also be the king of the (guitar) world? Find out by tuning into this episode dedicated to the Gibson J200!

The J200 has been used by incredible musicians throughout the decades. It’s got a massive, iconic tone that has carved out its place in the guitar world and pop culture. It’s an incredible guitar, which is why I decided to dedicate this episode to it!

From the mysterious history of the Gibson J200 to the way it melded into pop culture around the world, I really cannot stress how much of an impact this guitar had. It’s beautiful, stylish, and able to produce a monster tone for an acoustic guitar.

One of biggest reason I love the Gibson J200 is that it’s a blank slate. There are so many customizations for the guitar that it can truly be anything you want it to be. Subtle but stylish? Check. Dressed to the nines and flashy? Can do.

In addition to talking about the Gibson J200, you’ll have the chance to learn a new lick and get a roundup of the latest acoustic guitar news you can use!

Featured in this episode…

  • Tim Kill Custom
  • Will McNicol
  • Alexandr Misko
  • Charlie Parr
  • Martin Guitar
  • Gibson TV

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  1. Hey,really appreciated your explanation of having multiple guitars with different voices. I’ve always wondered why you don’t introduce your guitar at every lesson. I mean I can tell some of the manufacturers by the headstock but I don’t know the model or wood. Knowing the strings would be good too. It would help me and others with our guitar geekiness. Thanks, Ron

  2. Tony,
    Do you ever play a 12 string guitar? Also If so; I am going to put you on, “The Spot!” In other words I want you to think real hard. What is your favorite song to play on a 12 string?

  3. Hey Tony, hope all is well with y’all. Have nuttin bad to write about the J-200. There has been several held in me arms and played with a little, since we began this guitar romance journey in January of the perfect vision year 2020. They, the J-200’s, didn’t “FEEL” right for me or grandson Hayden Parker. Most of the Guitars we’ve added to our guitarsenal eventually ends up in the arms of another. Hayden Parker now has the Taylor AD-27e and the Epiphone Masterbuilt, daughter-in-law Ashlynn now has the Taylor GS mini, and Navy Seal Veteran Rory (aka Casper) Compton has the Ovation that was featured on the Acoustic Tuesday Show 219. Which brings me back to the “FEEL” of a bigger bodied guitar. The love and romance (Valentine’s week n TAC) that goes into the decision making of the purchase of a guitar, for me… is when ima holding it my arms and attempting to play it, how does it “Feel”. What does that guitar do that no other guitar is doing. How does that guitar move me. Holding it close to me in my lap, when it speaks, does the vibrations of its voicing, move me insides. The Taylor Grand Symphony Builders Edition may not be as Big Bodied as the J-200, butt, the “vibes” that, that guitar puts out is like no other I’ve ever held in my arms. Much like me wife of a smaller stature (5′ tall 100 lbs fully clothed soaking wet) is like no other! There is a connection that me can not explain. Is it sum type of spiritual thang? This we do not k-now. However, on me worst or best days… all me wants to eventually do, is to hold that Taylor Grand Symphony Builders Edition in me arms. It’s young love of course and hasn’t stood the test of time like me wife and i. 🙂
    Blessings y’all…

  4. Always loved the J-200. It’s as versatile as they come and every professional musician has played one.
    I feel the Guild JF’s have excellent quality and are favourably priced.

  5. The J-200 inspired me on my guitar journey. After a work trip to Nashville, I had to have one! Now i just have to learn to play it.

  6. Tony: Certainly the J-200 is a classic; but, if you want a comparison for it, try the Martin M-36, and its variations. Jumbo body (albeit a different shape), narrower body, but totally mellow tone for any genre. Admittedly, it doesn’t have the visual appeal of the Gibson, but the sound is the best.

  7. another great show – that J200 is now on my Guitar Arsenal “UBRGPP” “Unsupervised But Required Guitar Procurement Plan”

  8. My son has a Maritime Mini Jumbo from Seagull (w/ RW fretboard). It is a great guitar without any unnecessary visual appointments. I like the Hog back and sides. I am not a fan of maple back and sides. Dollar for dollar, the older real wood fretboard Seagull Maritime cannot be beat.

  9. Hea Tony, I always love the sound of your Martins, clear and voicie ( if thats a word). Hea 2 ways to keep magpies out of trash. 1. a moving fake owl works great, 2. Put Vasie near can he can keep anything out. I will be thinking of you March 6th. my birthday & My Lightning will be at Hawks, good luck your friend Guy B. in Champa bay FL.

  10. Hey Tony. Great show. I am going to throw out the Roy Smeck Radio Grande. Originally made by Gibson, other small bench luthiers are reproducing to similar specs as original include notables Ren Ferguson and Richard Hoover at SantaCruz. You still have that sound that you can disappear into and come back days later as a mystically enlightened person with the added benefit of not suffering old dude-itis as it is a 12 fret. Darn near as cozy as playing a Single O. You don’t get all the visuals of the J200 but at my age it is all about the sound and less about Visuals. Sorry Steve Reeves.

  11. Great piece on the J-200! To me, it is the best Jumbo out there. Big, clear, booming, beautiful acoustic sound. I believe Greg Lake used it for From the Beginning and other classic ELP pieces. RIchard Ashcraft uses one on probably the best version of Bittersweet Symphony on YouTube. I have also been looking and haven’t found one. Can’t and won’t buy a guitar without trying, live in Nashville and willing to travel to try a fabulous J-200. Any ideas how to locate one?

  12. No other company makes a better maple jumbo. I have owned two Gibson J-185’s but would love to own a Gibson J-200. Just a matter of finding one with a neck profile that fits my hands.

  13. J-200 is an iconic, beautiful, full sounding instrument. Never owned one, but have played some at music shops over the years. I don’t think there are many other acoustic guitars with quite as much renown and iconic looks. For the sound, I’d say the closest “big gun” acoustic with the same punch and the maple back might be the Guild F-55 Maple which is an amazing although not as famous guitar.
    I am sure there are some other high end jumbos from some other companies such as Taylor or Martin J-40, but I haven’t ever tried them out….