Is Taylor Swift the Guitar Hero We All Need? • Acoustic Tuesday 231

Look, I’m not saying Taylor Swift is like the Beatles of pop music right now, but she’s a huge deal. Which is why this episode is dedicated to T-Swift and the incredible wisdom we can get from her guitar playing.

Taylor Swift’s career is prolific. And through ever phase of her career, the acoustic guitar has been a mainstay. Whether it’s her debut album or her folk revival albums of the past couple of years, she has fine-tuned her playing over the years.

Taylor Swift has so many tricks up her sleeve. From being a masterful palm-muter to her use of open tunings, Taylor is a source of inspiration for so many guitarists. I mean, why not take a few lessons from the most famous acoustic guitarists out there today?

If you liked this episode, be sure to leave a comment and let me know what you part of Taylor’s acoustic guitar playing resonates with you!

Featured on this episode…

  • Taylor Swift
  • The Marcus King Band
  • Gibson Guitars
  • Jared James Nichols

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  1. Great show Tony! I guess I owe Taylor Swift a little bit of a deep dive. AT, has turned me onto a lot of artist I really had know knowledge of. Tony, sorry for your loss. Your boy was traded. As a Flyers fan you get use to it.
    Have a Grateful Day!

  2. I have discovered a geek on Utube named Edward Philips and I would like to recommend for those into acoustic blues and slide guitar! I especially like that he gives a brief history of the songs and musicians. Please check him out.

  3. Hi Tony! I always thought that Taylor was a bit of a joke, but her Folklore album turned me around. I’m thrilled to learn that she also has strong guitar skills. (I’m a newbie, so I can’t always tell.) I was very happy you featured her because it was unexpected, and I learned some cool tips. Thank you for the insight and your wonderful guitar teachings!

  4. I love Taylor…her songwriting AND guitar chops are inspiring. Also inspiring are your nails! Do you have acrylics on your strumming hand? Do you get regular manicures? How come they always looks so good? Please share your guitar playing hand care techniques someday!!

  5. Hea Tony, it seemes every 4 or 5 years slide starts to make a big comeback, great for me bought a Gretsch boxcar 2&half yrs. ago and love it. Cant wait for next Tues .For your commenter John i found John Hatcher of Blues guitar institute good for lessons and of course Justin Johnson great slide man. Thanx Tony

  6. Hey Tony, I want to add Sarah Rogo to the slide guitar players. Watch how you talk about old guitars, I was born in ’53. (Some days I feel as old as that guitar looked) I retired 6 years ago and now have time to practice. I had not played much since I took my first lessons when I was 14. So now after a 55 year hiatus I am taking lessons and practicing at least 1 hour a day, still can’t play well but I am having the time of my life trying.

  7. No to Taylor Swift.. sorry Tony, she’s overrated and not a good singer or guitarist by any means. She’s a gimmick.
    Soooo Sooo sorry but you have missed the mark on this episode.