10 KNOCKOUT Signature Guitars [Specs, Demo, & More] • Acoustic Tuesday 234

They take your breath away, step on your toes, sound like pianos, and play like a summer’s breeze. Signature guitars are more than just a marketing gimmick — mostly. In this video, we’re looking at the 10 best signature guitars.

There’s a perception that signature guitars, also known as spec guitars, are only for really serious guitarists. That’s because most of the guitars are 1) expensive, 2) built to an artists’ specifications, 3) use high-quality materials. No expenses spared.

While there are many that are expensive, I have a couple on this list that are totally for beginners. This is a great opportunity to hear some of the best offerings from guitar makers like Martin, Taylor, Thompson, and so many more.

If you’re excited to see how you can emulate a certain artists’ sound, or you just want something that is vetted by your favorite artist, this episode is totally for you!

Now, I have to warn you. There’s a fairly large plot twist at the end of this episode. So, in the comments below, be sure to let me know what you think my number one pick is. I’m almost 100% certain you aren’t going to see it coming.

Featured in this episode…

  • Martin Guitar
  • The Fellowship of Acoustics
  • Taylor Guitars
  • ElderlyInstruments
  • SantaCruzGuitarCo
  • Thompson Guitars
  • Gibson TV
  • Collings Guitars
  • Western AF

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  1. Hey Tony!

    My fav acoustic is the Taylor 200 series Koa. I think- It plays like much more expensive guitars.
    Btw, what’ya think about the Hawks season this year? Sorry to see Pat Foley retire.
    Peace, Love & Happiness.

  2. Travis Tritt HDC-40 , with a 000 body depth which makes it so comfortable and a dream to play without losing the volume of a full size dred /The Marty Stuart HD-40MS / Roy Rogers OM-45B /Gene Autry D-45GA / Peter Frampton D-42 /Merle Travis D-28M / Eric Clapton 000-12ECB – But you were spot on with the Collins OM1


  3. Check out Preston Reed’s signature Bailey Jumbo. You can see it on Dream guitars interview with Preston. Mark Bailey is a guitar maker here in Ayrshire Scotland and Preston lives not far away.

  4. I can identify with the fretting hand injury. Gorilla glue snow grabbed my skis last Monday and I launched sideways out of them. Thought I had torn the ligament in my thumb again, after examination by real medical experts it was determined to be a bad sprain. Well, there’s still some swelling in both joints and the bruise has changed to an ugly yellow and it’s still a little sore, but I’m still able to hold and fret. The fall ended my ski season, but not my guitar journey!

  5. If you’ve ever been to one of Jackson Browne’s acoustic concerts (or read up about him), you know that the man is an amazing Guitar Geek! I’ve been a life-long fan, and was thrilled you included the Model 1. It rocks. Just wish I had one! 🙂

  6. Gibson Everly Brothers J-185 and Bob Dylan J-200. They might not be the best sounding guitars ever, but they sure are special.

  7. Tony I’m a little bit surprised that you didn’t mention the Martin D35 David Gilmore tribute guitar, i know it has only been out for about a year but he helped with the design and all of the videos that i have seen about this guitar were good and it sounded great.

  8. Maybe off the subject, but my first observation was that – as always – the 12-fret guitars simply sound much better than 14-fret models. IMHO, it’s completely consistent. In this case, the Martin 000-18NB & 00-42SC, and the Gibson Jackson Brown Model 1. (The Stage Coach was my fave, but all 3 rock.)

    Molly Tuttle got incredible warm tone from her signature model. Did you see the recent New York Times article on her? I did not know that she has alopecia. (I thought she just kept changing hair-styles.)

    The Taylor Swift Model is a good thing for beginners (esp. women), but really doesn’t belong on this list, at least not at #1.

  9. Another 1/2 hour well spent Tony. Thank You! I am going to see Roger McGuinn tonight. No doubt I will see “The” 7string in action.
    Something about John Mayer sig models works whether they are Martin or PRS but my fav is the D45 the Engelmann/Rosewood on a large body is the perfect balance for my ears.
    Totally agree with the Pete Huttlinger model too. His actual guitar that the sig model was designed from was for sale at a relatively modest price. His story is at the heart and soul of inspiration for my journey and I would loved to have bought it, but I had to pass on it this time round.

  10. I have to be honest with this is my first time taking time to check out your video… I have been playing “AT”
    the guitar since 1965 I was 12yrs old… It was Harmony electric that my dad pick-up in a Duckworth Dime Store it
    sold at $28.00, my dad wouldn’t let me have an amp he didn’t want me to get load but I did… I was in a band in high school and we needed a bass player so I got some bass strings and put them on the Harmony… Than one day he showed up with a Unvox Violin shape bass and a small Kalamazoo bass amp… The rest was a short history of the band, the members grew a part with fathers being transferred because of fathers work… The real reason for the comment is on this video on your right side behind you there’s a 10″ Reel to Reel looks like a Revox A-77, I’m I right??? I had one years ago… By the way I’m still playing “AT” it, when I can I’m going to check out yo0ur course. Lack of funds right now… Keep up the good work you’ll be hearing from me sometime…

  11. Great “signature” list, Tony! I have a Martin 000-28EC. Glad you placed this on the list. I nearly got a Gibson Jackson Browne, but decided to get a Huss & Dalton that became available. I agree that it’s great that the Taylor Swift model has encouraged some new players to learn to play the guitar as well.
    Cheers and hoping all is well with you ! Charlie