10 Best Gibson Acoustic Guitars Ever Made • Acoustic Tuesday 245

Gibson has an incredible history of making some of the best acoustic guitars. But after 100 years, which ones are their best acoustic guitars ever made?

Whenever I talk about Gibson Guitars, I’m always sure to upset, puzzle, dazzle, and mystify some folks. So, before you go any further, I want you to know this is just my perspective on things. Take it for what it’s worth. I’ve played thousands of guitars for even thousands of more hours. 

When I made this list I wanted to remove some of the super expensive, vintage Gibson acoustic guitars that are truly cost prohibitive. Many Gibson acoustic guitars are just way too expensive, but just know I considered putting them on this list.

From the Keb Mo signature to the True Vintage J-200, there are some incredible guitars on this list. Be sure to watch the full episode to see if your favorite Gibson acoustic guitar is on this list!

In addition to talking about some of the best acoustic guitars Gibson has made, we’ll take a look at some comments from the episode I did on the 10 best guitar albums from the ’80s. Seems like a ruffled some feathers, so be sure to tune and see if you agree with your fellow TAC Family members!

Featured in this Episode…

  • Gibson TV  
  • Metallica  
  • Dead Horses  
  • Beard Guitars  
  • Atkin Guitars  
  • Thompson Guitars  
  • Billy Strings  

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    1. What? Its a 1957 j200. Kinda oversized body makes it less comfortable to play than others. Soft nitro finish prone to nicks, scratches, blemishes. As with many others these guitars are hit or miss. Got to play it yourself. Some are brilliant, some are dullish and dead sounding. Appearance is old time country.

  1. The first guitar I ever played was my fathers Gibson FJN from the 60s. I loved that guitar it was stolen about 18 years ago and I been trying to find one ever since. That’s definitely my favorite guitar.

  2. 🙂
    “Fingerstyley.” If it wasn’t already, it’s a word, now. I’ll be borrowing that.

    My new-to-me 50s LG-2. I knew it was mine the moment I started playing it.

  3. Don’t take the unsubscribers words bother you. There is a plethora of acoustic albums out therre. If lhe deprives himself of your weekly production because of a perceived slight, he is the problem. I do not always agree with you (probably because I lack your enthusiasm for the subject), but I am not going to deprive myself of the content of your channel. I alwas learn something and even get a few laughs. Keep up the great work!