10 Best Epiphone Acoustics? (2022) • Acoustic Tuesday 248

Epiphone guitars have quite the reputation. But does their street cred match up with how they sound? Check out my list of the 10 best Epiphone acoustic guitars ever made.

@OfficialEpiphone guitars are kinda known as the less desirable branch of the Gibson family. They aren’t as expensive, are made with cheaper parts (usually), and don’t have the same prestige as a Gibson guitar. But does that really matter? Doesn’t it all come down to the sound?

Fortunately for you, that’s probably the biggest consideration I have when I’m making recommendations. So, after reviewing thousands of guitars in my lifetime, I’ve gained a certain understanding of what to look for in a guitar.

As a result, this is my list of the 10 best Epiphone guitars out there. The prices on this list run from as high as $6,000 to, well, much more affordable than that. There’s a little something for everyone here so be sure to check out the whole episode.

Featured in this episode…

  • Official Epiphone
  • Gibson TV
  • Benjamin Tod
  • GemsOnVHS
  • National Guitars
  • Recording King Guitars

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  1. Hi, I’m also wondering about your thoughts on the Epiphone Hummingbird (Studio), thank you…

  2. Hi Tony,
    Great AT podcast! In reference to the Recording King RD328; I bought one based on an interview you had with Tommy Emmanuel. Tommy said, ” don’t care if it’s a Taylor, Martin, or whatever, as long as you’re happy with it.” I was leaning towards a $2800 Taylor until I heard this bit of wisdom. Only $799 through Elderly, what a guitar!

  3. Hi Tony, great show as always!

    But…what is a guitar ‘set-up’? How is it done, and who should do it?

  4. An interesting question: “What makes someone a guitar hero?” My first thought is to define “hero” and thanks to a quick Google search, I came across one that is simple and works. Oxford Languages defines hero as “a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.” If we use this definition in conjunction with guitar, I make the association that guitar is the instrument (pardon the pun) to which a person can demonstrate being a hero. If this is the case, to some degree we can all be a guitar hero. We have the courage to keep trying, making achievements within our guitar journey, and staying noble about it (“be nice and play guitar”). With that in mind, I would add that when I think of a guitar hero, I think of someone who motivating, taps into something within their soul that sparks a connection to the listener, and gives me a “wow” moment.

  5. My favorite Epi acoustics are also the Masterbilt AJ-500 series guitars. I own the AJ-500R, AJ-500M, and AJ-500RE. All wonderful playing and sounding guitars that have just gotten better with time. And they are bargains on the used market – as long as you find a good one…

  6. Tony, Thank you for your show featuring Epiphone Guitars. I stumbled across an Epiphone Ltd Ed Dove Pro / AW acoustic guitar in a local music store in Des Mines Iowa. I was looking for a better sounding and full sounding guitar. There was was a used Epiphone Dove hanging on the wall. I tried it and it had the full sound I was looking for. It also has a pick up but I have not tried that feature yet, It especially sounds
    good capoed up the neck and does not go out of tune.
    Thanks for your show.

  7. Good Morning
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