11 Must-See Music Documentaries (2022) • Acoustic Tuesday 254

Looking for music documentaries that’ll inspire you? Whether you’re a hardcore guitarist or just getting started, these music docs will get you rearing to grab your guitar and start playing again!

About this time, every year, I start thinking about movies. With the sun setting earlier and school starting again, it feels like the perfect time to watch a movie. And, if you’re bemoaning the end of a summer concert series, music documentaries are a great workaround.

Whether you’re just starting out on your guitar journey or you’ve been playing for years, there are some hidden gems and deep cuts on this list that are sure to inspire you on your guitar journey.

From documentaries on Native American musicians in rock and roll history to Machine Gun Kelly and his new documentary, I really want you to take the time to pick at least one of these films.

In addition to talking about some of my recommendations for music documentaries, you’ll hear about…

  • Omeleto
  • Dan Tyminski
  • Gwenifer Raymond
  • Guitarbench
  • Mule Resonator Guitars
  • Marcus King

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  1. Late congrats on five years, which I’m in the process of watching (I’m a new TAC member).
    You’re doing an incredible inspiration to me and so many viewers. I’m glad I found this group.

    But know matter how overexposed people may think The Beatles are… They certainly don’t belong in the “Must Watch” reject pile… tsk tsk (still love ya though)

  2. Happy Anniversary!
    Thank you for doing this in a language that appeals to my learning and really looking forward to years more of this fun.

  3. Happy Anniversary! Thank you, For doing what you do! Tony, you are building a fine Legacy, and I’m Grateful to be part of it! Crimson White and Indigo, Grateful Dead Doc. The Album is fantastic, and I was lucky enough to be in the crowd.
    Have a Grateful Day!

  4. Muscle Shoals, Under The Volcano, The Secret To A Happy Ending (Drive By Truckers), Echo In The Canyon, Living In A Material World (George Harrison), To Tulsa And Back (JJ Cale), McCartney 321, The Last Waltz, My Life As A Rolling Stone, Once Were Brother (Robbie Robertson), Rory Gallagher Irish Tour 74, Get Back, Shine A Light [
    (Rolling Stones), Exile Oh Main Street (Rolling Stones), The Kids Are All Right (The Who) and Zappa are all highly recommended,

  5. THE LAST WALTZ is hailed as one of the greatest documentary concert films ever made. In 2019, the film was selected by the Library of Congress for preservation in the United States National Film Registry for being “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant”.

  6. Hi Tony,
    Hello from South Africa, love watching your videos, fingers crossed will be joining the TAC team soon….Definitely “Searching for sugar man” great documentary!

  7. It Might Get Loud is a great documentary featuring a discussion and technique sharing between Jimmy Page, The Edge and Jack White. Not acoustic guitar centered but very good.

  8. Happy anniversary I watch your show every week even when my wife and I travel.
    I am the Post Commander for American Legion Post 140 in Prescott Valley, AZ. I would like to advertise your store on our web page because you’re supporting veterans. Is this something you would be interested in allowing us to do?
    Thanks for what you do.

    Greg S

  9. The beautiful guitar you featured is not a Somogyi.s It was made by Wayne Irvin of Irvin guitars in Bremerton Wa. I have played it and it is wonderful.
    Greg Fisher

  10. We live really (7 miles close) to the Woodstock 94 location. I took my whole family, wife, son 13 and daughter ten. UNFORGETABLE. My so went to 99 up in Rome on a former military base. What could go wrong? Everything! He said it was time to bail when the porta let’s were getting knocked over and set on fire! Woodstock on a military base was just a mistake.

  11. Happy 5th, Tony! I’d like to throw a couple of recommendations into the mix: “Echo in the Canyon” (2018) about the Laurel Canyon music scene in the 60’s. (Tom Petty makes an appearance at the beginning, shot just before his passing.) And “Muscle Shoals” (2013), documenting the infamous recording studio established in, well, Muscle Shoals, Alabama.