5 Must-See Bourgeois Acoustic Guitars • Acoustic Tuesday 256

Bourgeois acoustic guitars are stunning. The problem? They come in so many models and customizable options. In this video, I’ll go over the 5 Bourgeois Guitars that are sure to knock your socks off.

Bourgeois, based in Maine, makes about 400 guitars a year. Started By Dana Bourgeois, their small team is dedicated to quality, tone, and consistency. The result? Some of the consistently best guitars I’ve ever played.

In the comments below, be sure to let me know which Bourgeois Guitar you’re most excited to try. If you’re lucky enough to have played one, which one was your favorite? Your comment might just be featured in a future episode of Acoustic Tuesday!

In addition, I’d love to feature you in an upcoming episode with your guitarsenal! It’s easy and quick, and you end up supporting Guitars 4 Vets, a music rehabilitation group for veterans in the US. Just follow the link below to see the instructions!

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Featured in this episode…

  • Bourgeois Guitars
  • Thompson Guitars
  • Charlie Parr
  • Guitar World
  • Mule Resonator Guitars
  • Fretboard Journal

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  1. Tony – Bourgeois guitars are so beautiful. Great pick for showing us. I am interested in learning more about your Santa Cruz guitars if you haven’t already done so. Not surprising since I live 45 minutes away from Santa Cruz. Would like to know more about them. Thanks!

  2. Great show Tony! Thanks for not reminding me of the up approaching NHL season for 12 minutes and how the Hawks and Flyers will again have a “growing” year.
    You used a thumb pick and played great, by the way, I think it was the first clip? Would you share the story? Tell me the growth story with using a Thumb pick. The things you had to overcome. What does success look like to you/for you?
    Have a Grateful Day! Al

  3. Tony: enjoyed the Bourgeois comparison! The best Bourgeois (best guitar period!) I’ve ever played was an OM at Spruce St Music in Madison Wisconsin. Adirondack top with Madagascar Rosewood b&s and deep body. I know Dana does not recommend the deep body but there was something special about this guitar!

    I’m only an intermediate player but when I played it everyone in the store came to listen. I’m thinking that the ‘Maty’ softened the ‘Ady’ top for a great finger picker. The deep body added what I thought was just the right amount of ‘mellow’. Couldn’t swing it at the time- the “one that got away”.

  4. Hey Tony,
    I like the tunes you play to put a guitar through its paces and help you do your review. I would like to learn them. Do you have lessons on them and / or the scores?

  5. Tony,
    Last week I brought home a, “Gretsch Box Car” guitar. I did not have to throw you under the bus. My wife asked, “Why do you need four guitars?” (I have 6. They are like guns’ she really doesn’t” know how many I own.) I told her it is a resonator and I want to learn how to play slide guitar! She was fine after five minutes. Also in the movie, “Gone Fishin” Joe Pesci was playing the song, “Down in the Everglades” with one. Last night while playing taking your slide guitar course she slammed the door on me. That tells you how bad I play the slide guitar!
    How about teaching us on how to pick out guitar strings, I have no clue.

  6. Tony
    I recently had an opportunity to play a Boucher guitar
    Unbelievable deep rich sound, made in Quebec
    Have you tried them, would love your opinion. They aren’t cheap, about 5000$ cdn
    Anxious to hear what you think

  7. Because of your comments about the Guild B140E I now own one. Thank you I love it. It plays easy and is loud unplugged. For a solid wood acoustic bass what’s not to like. Again thanks for the help.

  8. #256, Bourgeois OMS Victorian 12 Fret, AT Adirondack Spruce, Figured Mahogany back and sides; Bourgeois Small Jumbo LTD Custom Aged Tone Adirondack Spruce top, Mahogany back and sides, with animal protein glue and a sunburst. What thumb pick did you use on the first of 5 guitar demonstrations?

  9. Hey there Tony, the best Bourgeois I ever played is your #5. I think that was the one that came from Brendan at HeartBreaker in Las Vegas. After playing every guitar in that shop that is the one that stood out. I had Dave H The Original with me so we were blind testing 4 at a time. I didn’t have authorization to complete a purchase and I think you were in a few weeks later and took I home. If that is the one I am happy such an amazing guitar is in good hands, Family hands so to speak. Love the show. Thanks.

  10. Tony, thanks for showing us your top five Bourgeois guitars! They are truly awesome instruments! My favorite Bourgeois to play is either my Custom GA “Redhead” (which was shown at the 2022 Artisan Guitar Show in Harrisburg PA back in April), or the LDBO-12 “Bourgeois Blues” all mahogany 12 fret gem that was added to my guitarsenal just two weeks ago. I’ve played several others and wanted to take them all home!

    I really look forward to Acoustic Tuesday each week. Thanks for doing what you do!