10 Guitar Lessons I Learned from Jeffrey Foucault • Acoustic Tuesday 261

Jeffrey Foucault is a triple threat. He writes bone-chilling lyrics, is an incredible guitar player, and has an unforgettable voice. So what can you learn from the master of the Americana genre?

If you haven’t heard of Jeffrey Foucault, I’m going to feature some great clips that’ll help you open your eyes to his artistry. More importantly, though, you’re going to learn 10 lessons from Jeffrey Foucault.

From emphasizing the “one” to using your personal experience in songwriting, there’s so much you can learn from this guitar player. Jeffrey flies under the radar too often, and I believe his songwriting and artistry deserves closer attention.

I love Jeffrey Foucault’s playing because it’s unique without sounding “out there.” He rides a fine line between fingerpicking and flatpicking, blues and country, folk and bluegrass. His lyrics cut deep. His voice is unmatched.

If you’re interested in learning how to play like Jeffrey Foucault or want to know how to incorporate some of his style into your playing, be sure to watch the whole episode!

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Featured in this episode…

  • Jeffrey Foucault
  • Bob Minner
  • The Bluegrass Situation [ BGS ]
  • Billy Strings
  • Ryan Truettner
  • GrassRoots Community Network
  • WYCEradio
  • Red Ants Pants Music Festival
  • Wayne Griffith
  • Alex Inselberg
  • Mule Resonator Guitars

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  1. I only recently heard of Jeffery when he popped up on a playlist with his version of Lodi. After this episode I went on a deep dive and he is now one of my top singer songwriters. I especially like his song “Cheap Suit” and actually learned a version of it today. I am now a big fan. Thanks for bringing him into Acoustic Tuesday!

  2. Hi Tony, I just completed the 30 days to play guitar and I am loving TAC and all your Acoustic Tuesdays! This has been my favorite episode so far. Had never heard of Jeffery Foucault before. I find strumming with a pick really hard to get right, and the techniques you shared make it really fun to practice! Thank you!

  3. Tony, Once again a fantastic show! New to Jeffery, I added him to my music service. Come to think about it, Most of my NEW additions have come from AT, It started back a few years ago when you rang a bell every time you mentioned Molly Tuttle. Wow, Wow, Wow! At that point, I knew nothing of this amazing, talented Woman. It seems to be a pattern. I’m Grateful for getting on the Acoustic Tuesday bus, as well as TAC. This created my foundation on my Acoustic Guitar journey.
    Have a Grateful Day, Al.

  4. Hello, I am always a day late on my Tuesday video. No I haven’t really heard of Jeffery, but I like the style of his songs. I will check out more by him. I like the break down today, and I think a few of these would be great weekly challenges.

  5. This is my favorite Acoustic Tuesday show in the many years that I have been watching. Hope to see more like this. Thanks!

  6. I’ve known Jeffrey since he was a teenager and only knew 4-5 chords. He’s a good friend, but I also fall into the ‘fan’ category and never tire of his music. Nice to see you break down some of his techniques, and make his songs more accessible.

  7. I have to say something after that guy’s negative comments. Who cares what he thinks, we can figure this out on our own and if he doesn’t like it, oh well. Life is too short to be negative. Keep up the good work, I love TAC.

  8. I’m a huge Jeffrey Foucault fan! Thanks so much for this show. In my mind, Jeffrey embodies what “singer songwriter” means. He is soulful, a wonderful lyricist and a great songwriter. I really enjoyed how you broke down his techniques too. Wonderful..

  9. No I’ve never heard of Jeffery Foucault or in fact many of the other players you speak about. This is owing to the fact the my wife and I ran a home based but international business for 30 years and really didn’t have much time for anything else. Sad to say that most of those years we didn’t even have a working music system. Then came and illness followed by retirement (sold the business) and picking up a guitar after 45 yrs. Talk about being out of the musical loop! I am learning (slowly but surely) and have played nearly everyday for the past 3 yrs. Through you I’ve discovered some super talented players and through TAC lessons am practicing picking up tunes by ear. Jeffery has introduced me to a whole range of strumming/picking variations as have others you have showcased. I’m still a novice but every now and again I get “in the zone” and sound really good (for me that is). Thanks Ton!

  10. Good show again Tony. New to JF but looking forward to listening to some of his music. I see a lot of similarities between his style of playing and my own so having you break down some of his techniques was interesting for me. Maybe I’m not so crazy after all.

  11. OK Tony, You asked the right question. No, I have never heard of Jeffrey Foucault, nor had I heard of Norman Blake (no I have not lived in a cave, just close). The fact that you introduced me to these two amazing musicians is one of the greatest impact you’ve had on my playing … introductions to great, non mainstream top 40 musicians. A profond thanks.

  12. Good day Tony, Thx so much for the EJ Henderson FB story. I am a build guitar as a hobby. I have only built a couple guitars and have not let anyone else play them. I just did not have any faith in my ability to build a good guitar. I think they sound good! Well tomorrow I am going to take it to a friend of mine that plays guitars and is a guitar luthier. He has been bugging me to bring one in so he can play it and have a look. Thx again, EJ has inspired me.

  13. Hi Tony, great episode of AT! I really like how you highlighted and demonstrated some of the techniques and styles that Jeffery Foucault uses to practice his craft. I had not heard of JF until you gave the heads up in last weeks AT show. I am typically drawn to singer / songwriters so I downloaded one of his albums to have a listen. He fuses together a number of musical styles and influences and so far I am liking what I am hearing. I decided to tee up his song “Dishes” in my “to learn” queue as I really like the song and it is accessible to my current playing capabilities. Thanks for doing the Acoustic Tuesday shows and for all of the other things you and team TAC provide to the TAC community.

  14. Hey Tony, I am always looking for something new with great vocals and an acoustic sound to add to my playlist…man, Jeffrey Foucault hits the mark! I think you had mentioned him before, but I had never checked him out. Today I downloaded a bunch of his stuff and will continue to check out his music. Keep ‘em coming. PS…don’t worry about the hater’s, they’re always out there looking to make themselves feel better.

  15. I’ve been listening to Jeffery for a while. I love his playing and he’s featured prominently on one of my playlists. Pretty Hands is probably one of my favorite songs by him but I also love his version of Lodi and his song One for Sorrow.

  16. Hey Tony, Always enjoy your show, but this one “resonated” with me more than usual (sorry, but I know you love a good pun – and I just picked myself up a Gretsch Boxcar recently). You asked us if we know Jeffrey Foucault, or are a fan of his. Pretty sure I’ve heard you mention him before on your show, but don’t know his music. I am a fan, now, though, and will certainly be seeking out some of his stuff. Thank you as well for showing us how to use some of his fascinating techniques of guitar playing – I’m definitely going to rewatch that segment with guitar in hand. I’m continually struck by how smoothly you weave in the inspirational stories with your show content, like that piece about E.J. Henderson. Those snippets inspire me greatly. Lastly, I had to shake my head but also chuckle at that “troll” commenter who dissed the Mule guitar. Typical of today’s social/political environment, people seem to feel the need to trash the other side instead of just agreeing to disagree, as you suggested. I joined TAC in May of this year, and that was easily the best decision I’ve made on my guitar journey yet. Thank you so much!

  17. Hi Tony,
    I have never heard of Jeffrey Foucault but I like the music. A little blues, folk, even a slight country tinge. He plays like it’s the same as breathing for him and he doesn’t have to think about it. Your playing of them sounded just as good. I couldn’t see which guitar you were using but it sounded great! I also really love finger style and got some good tips. Thank you!