Wanna Play Guitar Like THIS Chicago Legend? • Acoustic Tuesday 270

Grab your guitar and add some “Big Bill-isms” into your life! It’s time to infuse the Chicago acoustic blues legend Big Bill Broonzy into your life. 

Before I go any further I want to acknowledge Chris Walz from Old Town School of Folk Music and Tom Feldman from Play Country Blues. Many of the lessons I teach today come from these two. I’m grateful for their instruction and be sure to check out their channel’s below.

Now, back to Big Bill Broonzy. There are so many elements that make up his signature sound. He’s got a big, full, sound. But he also nimbly executes rolls for a melodic flare. 

I spend a few of the lessons focusing on thumb technique. That’s because Big Bill Broonzy drove so many of his songs with the bass line on his thumb. You can’t not hear it. Be sure to pay attention, but don’t be afraid to modify or play things in your own style!

Submit your guitarsenal at the link below!

Featured in this episode…
– Old Town School  
– Play Country Blues  
– Buffalo Kin  

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  1. Juston Johnson may be a good person to highlight an acoustic Tuesday, I have a Republic Resonator along with some of his how to play CD’s its good however my finger Strech isn’t 3 feet like his,

  2. Hi Tony, Can we have some more in depth lesson’s on Big Bill’s way of playing? I think that would be a brilliant week of Daily Challenges!