13 BEST Places to Discover New Music • Acoustic Tuesday 278

The world is filled with endless ways to discover new music. With algorithms, recommendations, and endless scrolling, where can you turn to find consistently high-quality musical inspiration?

In this episode, we’ll be covering the 13 best places to discover new music. The best part about this list is, they’re all YouTube channels! Whether you live in the remote forests of Alberta or the concrete jungle of NYC, as long as you have an internet connection you can discover new music!

I chose this list of publications, record labels, documentarians, and otherwise guitar geeks because of their consistent quality and curation. There are so many artists out there, and I believe these channels are constantly working to uncover and highlight new guitarists every day. 

I’ve also found that the actual quality of the video, recording, and art direction for the shoots are incredible. There’s always new music to be heard and most of the options have an extensive backlog of featured artists.

If there are any channels that you think I overlooked, please let me and the TAC Family know by dropping a comment below. I’m always on the hunt for new music and places to find out, and I’m sure there are other TAC Family members out there who are, too!

Featured in this episode…



















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  1. Great episode, Tony. Thank you for sharing your cornucopia of places to find new music. Very cool indeed.

    My advice on posts that are negative for the sake of being a jerk – don’t waste time in them. Devote the time instead to something cool, encouraging and uplifting!

  2. HI TONY.

    For the last 3 years, I’ve started playing instruments.
    I took a bass courses on line, a mandoline courses, a ukulele courses and your courses.
    You know what? You are the best. The community, your involvement, your daily courses, it’s the best.

    I wish there’s a Tony for Mandoline, bass an Ukulele.

    I don’t know if you realize how much you are incredible.

    Love you

  3. Hey Tony, I love your show and the TAC family vibe. What a sad, miserable bully to comment the way he did. Sounded like a cry for help. I love your style and welcoming way! I’m back to learning guitar thanks to you and your positive encouragement. Logging into TAC is a highlight of my day. Peace.

  4. I live near Carter’s Vintage Guitars. It’s a wonderful shop and must see if you ever come through Nashville. I go there every few weeks just to see the amazing rare and vintage guitars they have. My wife will not let me go unless she is there to supervise me. I’d re-fi the house to get guitars there if left unsupervised.

  5. Feb 10th
    That’s my TAC family birthday
    Steel Guitar Blues – David Holt
    That’s my new music find for today.
    Spotify is my current most common exposure to music previously unheard.
    Thanks for all the new quality music resources you presented this week!! and….
    ☆ T H A N K. Y O U. T O N Y ☆
    Thank you for your commitment to everything you do here.
    Thank you for the diversity offered here and the enthusiasm that you bring into our lives.
    I’ve always been a musical sponge. I soak it all in, appreciate the creation and performance of all jondras. When I was in school and was first offered the opportunity to choose “electives” in my class schedule. I chose Band and on the first day the teacher went around the room asking each student what instrument do you want to play? When my turn came I proudly announced “I want to play guitar.” The answer was sorry we don’t teach stringed instruments. What a huge let down that was to hear. I didn’t realize it was Marching Band. So I started playing trumpet, explained with baritone them on to French horn. After football season was over the symphonic season began and reading music was elevated which was much more enjoyable than Marching.
    Strings, I needed strings so I went to the music store picked out a nice Gretsch and signed up for lessons. Wish I was exposed to someone with your enthusiasm back then because it wasn’t nearly as encouraging as your approach.
    So thank you Tony for sharing your knowledge and teaching skills the way you do. ICurrently I’m living in West Virginia and just acquired my first resonator. And thanks for your reviews and comparisons. I found a previously loved 1997′ National tricone Type 1 twelve fret that is just cool AF. One shows question about choice from those presented. Your Sq neck Beard is superfine, ♡♡
    I’m happy to be here and, do you ever get tired of hearing “thanks Tony, loveya man”

  6. Cheers Tony! Great show today. I appreciate your artists to check out segments. It’s like the cream at the top of a milk can. I do lots of new listening on Pandora but it is a gamut not guitar focused like your lists are.
    My work involves the web so I know how easy it is to run into the haters/trolls out there. Wish they’d buy a guitar and a “Be Nice” mug and find some love. Hate is easy but gets you nowhere you want to go. As the song says, “peeing on my grass won’t make your’s any greener.”
    Peace, Love & Guitars (well stringed instrument of your choice)!!

  7. Hey Tony you’ve got to check out Gabriella Quevedo on YouTube. She’s an awesome talent! Doesn’t sing but is an arranger par excellence. Here’s Sultans of Swing as an example, and this is one of the comments: “When singing is not present a lot of listeners do not understand how complex it is to incorporate all the aspects of composition never mind that you are doing the licks, the bass part, harmony and melody all by yourself . OUTSTANDING!”

  8. Wanted to add that it was because of your encouragement way back when I started watching and joined TAC that I got my Bourgeois OO Country Boy. Back then I thought I didn’t deserve it being a newbie, and you said owning a great guitar would motivate me to practice more. Which it did. Still love it, the sound and play-ability are awesome. I’ve met Dana a few times since then, and he’s a terrific guy.

  9. Hey Tone, have no fear, Non-Judgement Day Is Coming. If doubt creeps in, go to the Co-op and get a sandwich and a cup of soup and look for the signs. : )