3 Mule Resonators Worth Every Damn Penny • Acoustic Tuesday 286

Do you dream about bluesy and dirty tones, but feel like your guitar isn’t right for it? Boy howdy, do I have some guitars you NEED to hear. 

We’re exploring three phenomenal instruments from Mule Resophonic Guitars. Get ready for an in-depth comparison of these unique resonator guitars, showcasing their distinct sounds and features.

The first guitar we’ll be discussing is my beloved Mule Tricone resonator. This was the first Mule guitar I ever got my hands on, and it’s a true work of art. Handmade with an all-steel body, this tricone resonator in a single cone resonator body offers a deep, bluesy tone that’ll make you fall in love with resonators and slide guitar all over again.

Next up is the Mule Mavis resonator guitar – a super-slim, acoustic-electric marvel. If you’re looking for versatility, this guitar has got you covered. We’ll be exploring the wide range of tones this beauty can produce, from warm and mellow to bright and punchy.

Finally, we’ll be checking out the Blue Mule Resonator. This gem sports a stylish cutaway for easy access to those higher frets, and when mic’d up, you’ll be amazed by its round tone with less bite than the other resonators.

Submit your guitarsenal at the link below!

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– Rob Ickes and Trey Hensley  
– Pharis and Jason Romero  
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  1. AMA: How do ZAGER guitars compare to Martin, Taylor, and others? Do you own one? I just discovered them online. I read they are handmade in Lincoln, Nebraska.

  2. AMA – Hi Tony. Love the Acoustic Tuesday show. I was wondering exactly how many guitars you have in that guitarsenal of yours (to date, of course)? How many different manufacturers have guitars represented in your collection? Peace out! Keep smiling!

  3. AMA Where can I go to find out the specs / age of my guitar? I have a lovely looking hand crafted Westbury model W2900M Serial # 84022. It was bought back in the late 1970’s and I have had it all that time.

  4. AMA – Do you ever have those days when nothing will get in tune? All wonderful instruments, fresh new broken-in strings, fresh tuner batteries, and nothing will get in tune no matter what! Then other days everything singing like angels. ?

  5. The Blue Bastard! (I want one now.) And vintage Martins, please. Great show, Ton. I simply love your sense of humor.

    AMA: How did you and Whitney meet? And does she have a passion that she spends money on?

  6. AMA: How come you ever (unless I missed something) mention Lowden guitars? I know they’re priced at the high-end, but they sound awesome and are the go-to for some greats like Richard Thompson and Pierre Bensusan. Come to think of it, why no Pierre Bensusan on the show?

  7. AMA – What kind of advice do you have for someone like me who discovered your teaching method, started like gang busters for 10 days into the 30 day challenge, telling people I’m a guitar player and then some life challenges somehow completely derailed me a month ago? It started with my left index finger tip being really sore and not toughening up and then I discovered there was a really tiny wood splinter well embedded so I started soaking it and it finally worked it’s way out but by then the other life challenges seemed to take center stage and most of my energy. I hope that by the time you answer this in a couple weeks I’m already back on track somehow. Maybe by whining to you typing this right now I’ll remember the fun I was having taking lessons from you and just do it! I can do this!! Great and very inspiring show by the way about the Mule Resonators! Greg

  8. AMA – At the risk of repeating a lot of folks before me, here’s the old ‘stranded on a deserted island’ question again… What guitar would you choose to have if you only have one.? JJ…

  9. AMA – If you could only have one guitar, what would it be?
    Sorry, I forgot the AMA part before so I asked this twice.

  10. Tony,
    With your influence, I am purchasing a Mule resonator guitar with a cutout. Historically, all my acoustic guitars have light gauge strings with low action, with no buzz. I tend to be a finger picker and I do bend strings when playing. My current best playing action is on my Martin HD-28 set for light gauge strings. Based on that, what is your recommendation on string weight and action for my mule? Do you have any thoughts? You helped me design and buy a Martin custom birdseye maple guitar for my last big birthday and I appreciate any help and insight you can give – Keep on being you Tony. I love TAC, the Acoustic Challenge and Acoustic Tuesday! Thank you, Bob

  11. AMA how do you choose which guitar to do your Tuesday guitar lick lessons? Can you tell us which guitar you’re using and why on AT? I’m always curious which guitar you’re using.

  12. AMA.
    What’s your favorite color?
    Also, what type(s) and gauges of strings do you use (especially for a dreadnought guitar).
    Thanks and I love the show.

  13. AMA Can you do a video on how to change guitar strings? I inherited my father’s guitars and never paid attention when he changed thems. It’s very intimidating! If you already have done a video on changing strings, where do I find it?

    1. LOL That’s how I got here 3 years ago! Tony has one, I google it. You may be able to go there it from here.
      Have a Grateful Day

  14. AMA
    Your past comments about frustration being ultimately one’s ticket to ride rings so true. My love for acoustic instrumental pieces that you play so well is what motivates me to learn and practice. Can you provide a list of names of acoustic guitar instrumentals like you show off so well when you are featuring guitars on your show. I hear these cool songs in no other formats other than your show. Have been trying to make my own daily practice routine of individual acoustic guitar instrumental songs to accompany my daily acoustic challenge workout.
    Your acoustic Tuesday is great. I appreciate your efforts

  15. AMA – My wife and I are making a cross-country trip in our camper this summer/fall. Here’s my question: When we pass through Montana, can I buy you your favorite beverage? I love to meet the guy who has got me addicted to guitars!
    You may have a policy against it (understandable), but it never hurts to ask!! Cheers!