You’ve asked me everything—here are my answers • Acoustic Tuesday 290

Martin or Gibson? Boxers or briefs? Who is the most famous person I’ve played with?

Today, we’re doing an AMA (Ask Me Anything) episode where I’ll be answering YOUR questions that you’ve been leaving in the comments on previous episodes.

In this episode, we’ll dive deep into my personal life—from my love for hockey, to the books I enjoy reading, and even where some past employees at Tony’s Acoustic Challenge are today. You’ll get an intimate look at my musical upbringing, how it has shaped who I am today, and some fun stories along the way.

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Featured in this episode…
– Thunder Road Guitars  
– Old Town School of Folk  
– Fretboard Journal  
– True Vintage Guitar  
– Calton Cases 
– Dust to Digital  
– Andrea Stolpe  

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  1. Random show recommendation. Nolan Taylor is playing 3 shows in support of Uncle Lucius in July in Montana. I believe Boseman is 7/6. So much acoustic talent coming out of the Eastern Ky, Ohio, WV border area these days and this guy is going to be one of the best. Tyler Childers started the movement but man guys like Nolan, Cole Chaney, and Charles Wesley Godwin are where it is at.

  2. Bummer, no edit button. I said “Well, to put it succinctly, you HAVE it life”, and it should read “you GAVE it life”.

  3. I was a member of AA for years, but found I didn’t need to remain a part of that organization to stay sober. I appreciate that getting sober is a good idea for many people, but it doesn’t have to be a center piece of their lives as is the case for many members of AA. I enjoyed your simple candidness about this subject. “I don’t have an off-switch. I don’t drink anymore.” Nuff said.

    It’s a great message for me as I am trying to be a songwriter but I have a tendency toward great loquaciousness, in other words, too many words .

    Thanks for the recommendation for Andrea’s songwriting workshops. I could, maybe, pull off the $150 for the online workshop. It’s at least within the possibility for me, which is rare as my financials are so meager.

    And that leads me directly into the most important subject of all. What you, Tony, have done for my musical life and guitar journey. Well, to put it succinctly, you have it life. I had no musical life before TAC. And songwriting wasn’t even a dream. Playing the guitar well enough to play a set of my original songs for an audience? It has taken almost 4 years just to come up with that “guitar dream scene”. But that’s my dream. Thank you, Tony.


  4. Fun show, Tony! The biggest “news” , for me, was your new arrival – congrats to you, Whitney and the boys!

  5. Congrats on the years of sobriety! I wondered about that too but thought maybe you just decided it wasn’t a key part of the show anymore. I appreciate you opening up about that! I’m sure many would love to hear about that journey and may need to as well! Thanks for sharing!