Cheap Vintage Treasure: Unearthing Square Neck Guitars • Acoustic Tuesday 301

Can you believe these three vintage ’40s beauties cost less than $1000 in total?

In this episode, I’ll take you on a tour of my personal collection of vintage square neck guitars. Now these aren’t your typical acoustic instruments—these guitars are specifically designed to be played on your lap. And guess what? You can often find them at a bargain price.

I’ll showcase three unique models that I personally own and adore. First up is the beautiful Bronson’s Radio Grand, a charming piece of musical history that’s got some serious personality. Next, we’ll take a closer look at the Oahu Square Neck Guitar. This gem is well known for its mellow tone and vintage vibe. And last but certainly not least, I present to you the Regal square neck guitar, a model known for its robust sound and great playability.

What’s exciting is that these three guitars don’t typically get the spotlight they deserve, and I’m here to change that. I’ve chosen them not just because they’re in my collection (although I do get asked about them a lot!) but because they represent a fascinating corner of the guitar world that’s often overlooked.

Here’s the kicker—the combined cost of these three instruments? Less than $1000. That’s right! Vintage doesn’t always mean expensive, and these guitars are proof of that.

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Featured in this episode…
– Chicago Music Exchange  
– Noel Gallagher  
– B&G Handmade Guitars  
– Jake Eddy  
– Joe Bonamassa  

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  1. Cool show, Ton! Loved the Caletta segment. Out of curiosity concerning the square neck guitars, was it easy to learn to play lap style since you already knew how to play guitar or was it like learning a whole new instrument? I love shows with your guitarsenal! Thanks for the info and entertainment!

  2. I’m back this morning, Last night while watching a lightning bolt took out our power and I wasn’t able to watch.
    The REGAL seems to have a more full tone and the sound is great.