Beard Resonator Trailhead Review: Dark & Stormy • Acoustic Tuesday 303

Looking for a guitar with tons of flexibility and warmth for a resonator?

On today’s episode,  you’ll get a full review of Beard Guitars’ new Trailhead round neck model. Trust me, this one is going to take your breath away.

First things first, let’s talk specs. The Trailhead round neck comes with a stunning curly maple top providing a rich and balanced tonal response that will leave you in awe. Its mahogany neck is smooth and comfortable, allowing for effortless playing. The vesper cone and spider offer some unmatched tones for a guitar of this class.

Now, Beard Guitars knows that one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why they offer the Trailhead in a variety of options. Looking for a square neck model? They’ve got you covered. Fancy something a bit more unique? You can opt for various finishes. The possibilities allow any player to find the resonator that works for them.

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Featured on this episode…
– Lessons With Marcel  
– Martin Guitar  
– Eric Clapton  
– Retro Fret  
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– Alexa Rose Music
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  1. Tony. I met Paul Beard years ago and have a 1994 R-Body square neck. I was introduced to Paul by Dave Giegerich who was playing an 8 string Beard square neck in his Western Swing band at the time and became a teacher and friend. Very sorry that he lost his battle with cancer after a tough fight. I think Paul was building all of his instruments himself at the time and his shop was in a cabin behind his house I live in Maryland so was in close proximity to Paul’s shop in Hagerstown, MD. I have followed the growth of Paul and his company since and am am crazy happy for his success. At least from the outside it looked like his star started rising when he got Mike Auldridge and Jerry Douglas into his endorsement stable. Also adding the Gold Tone brand paid a lot of bills for his company and was a great move that was rare in the “artisan
    ” industry – adding a more accessible line that did not detract from his higher end Beard instruments brand. From there his respect just grew and grew and his portfolio became more and more creative. DId you ever play an Odyssey round neck? I did in his shop when it came out and it was very cool. Not sure how well it did for him but the Trailhead is certainly a next level line. Thank you for your reviews of Paul Beard instruments.

  2. Hi Tony – Interesting show, pretty much a love letter to the Beard Trailhead… I personally would like you to let your viewers know the cost of the guitars you review. My collection tops out at my HD-28 and to me that was an extravagance. I went on the Beard website to get an idea of the value of the featured guitar – $5100 – which sort of colors your effusive praise. I understand that in the high end guitar world I rank as a cheapskate, but that’s a lot of bread for an instrument of fairly limited usefulness. Thanks for the show anyway, Jim

  3. New student and first time to watch. Beautiful guitar. Being a fan of Country and Bluegrass music I appreciate the resonators and have enjoyed listening to you play on your albums this past week. Looking forward to getting better.