Blues & Ragtime MACHINE! B&G Guitars Caletta Review • Acoustic Tuesday 306

Is this one of the best set-up guitars right out of the case I’ve ever played?

While many of you know I’ve often linked B&G Guitars with their electric wonders, they sent over their Caletta model for me to review, and WOW—it’s an acoustic treat! 

Clear projection, feather-light build, and those rich overtones that’ll leave every guitar lover swooning. Today, we’re focusing on the creme de la creme, the Private Build Caletta. With a snug body size (lower bout just over 14.5 inches) and an air-dried Sitka spruce top adorned with X bracing, it’s an acoustic masterpiece. The tongue on the neck block is a genius touch, easing tension and ensuring a seamless play. And, oh, the mother-of-pearl inlay – it’s the kind of sparkle that’ll catch every eye.

Best part? With this beauty, you don’t have to dig in or get aggressive; even the softest touch brings forth a symphony. Dive in with me and discover why the Caletta is a game-changer!

B&G makes incredible guitars and their latest effort is no exception. One of the nicest parts of the Caletta model is how easy it is to play. With just the lightest touch and effort, the guitar truly sings. This allows me to play more complicated melodies and songs like ragtime stuff without fatiguing or losing the nuance of the genre.

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  1. Lordy, lordy look who’s 40! Thank your for your perspective on Oliver Anthony’s “Rich Men North of RIchmond”. Throughout history music and lyrics have conveyed human emotions and conditions including current events and politics. Music is personal and every one of us have the ability to react differently just as the poet and musician have the right to express themselves.

  2. Hi Tony, Happy birthday and me too (Aug 29)! Ive got you by 32 years. I thought about Oliver Anthony’s song and you are right, just enjoy it. As far as fighting over the message, don’t. CSNY wrote lots of music to draw attention to whats going on. Music is about life, events, stories, success, failure, its not just instrumental, and thats why we sing. Thanks for your great Acoustic Tuesday show!

  3. Tony, while I agree with you that we should not infuse everything with politics, and disagree about Oliver Anthony’s song.
    Here’s why; It was written as a ‘broadside’ – a song with a distinct political theme – so it must be considered that way, and not as ‘pure music’… just as we did with A Hard Rain is Going to Fall or Big Yellow Taxi or Okie from Muskogee. You cannot listen to a ‘message song’ and just ignore the message. At least, I can’t.

  4. 40, wow, such a young one
    On Oliver. Can’t get politics out of our life, and what he said in reacting to the use and response, that mean a lot more to me that the pundits on the right and left. I cannot believe the people he wrote this about are trying to coopt it for their own use. But a great song

  5. First of all – Happy Birthday! And many, many more!
    Secondly, you were playing “If I Needed You” on that lovely Caletta: any chance that could turn up on a weekly challenge? I LOVE that song! The Caletta is pretty cool, too – I like the size (you know my affinity for small-body guitars!)