80% of String Changes Skip This Crucial Step • Acoustic Tuesday 307

Make sure your strings last as long as possible without giving you trouble — be the 20%.

On today’s episode, we’re unraveling the mysteries of guitar string changes, a crucial skill every guitarist needs in their toolkit! Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting out, this guide is going to be your go-to. I’ll walk you through the essential tools you’ll need, pinpoint the right time to change those strings, and of course, step-by-step instructions to get it done. 

Busting myths is also on the agenda — I’ll debunk the age-old myth that you can’t take all the strings off at once. Spoiler alert: you totally can, with a few exceptions. 

Plus, I’ll be bringing you tales from my recent adventure at the Fretboard Summit in Chicago. Prepare to be dazzled by the incredible builders I encountered and the unforgettable experiences that made the event a highlight of my year.

Don’t miss out on this treasure trove of insights and stories!

Big shoutout to everyone I met at the Summit and I look forward to seeing everyone there next year!

Also featured on this episode…
–  Dream Guitars  
–  Noemi Guitars
–  Stew Mac  
–  Collings Guitars  
–  Santa Cruz Guitar Co  

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  1. Great show again, Tony. I found you and TAC from your first string changing video. Long haired hippy looking guy. I have enjoyed this journey with you! I am very happy to say I can play the Guitar, and YOU guided the way. Thank you.
    Have a Grateful Day

  2. Best string change video ever – and I’ve seen plenty of them. Tony’s demonstration was efficient with great camera angels and tips that others don’t give. I’ve never been a fan on pulling the strings after they are on, so it is really cool to hear Tony say he does’t do that. Thanks, Tony! I am finally feeling confidently about string changes and encourage others to change their own strings as well.

  3. If you like the Collings dread, check out one of their small-body guitars. Great sounding & fun to play! One of my favorite brands.

  4. That is brilliant, thanks Tony. I used to be scared of changing strings because I would try to pull the string on the other side of the tuner whilst trying to pull back at the same time. I needed a third hand to wind and so my winding hand was attempting to pull above the tuner whilst turning. Super awkward and ultimately not very successful. The key is the string band at the tuner which effecticely locks the string as you pull the tension back towards the guitar body with the right hand. Then it is simply winding with the other hand until the string beds down into the nut slot. My favourite part of this video though, was your advice about string stretching. I have heard many people advocate pulling and flexing and have never like it. Your approach solves this very sensibly and is the final piece of the string changing puzzle for me.

  5. When I click the link to learn about compression it brings up the video about string changing. Is there a time stamp for when in the video compression is discussed?

    1. Agreed! Way harder to remember. It Tony could make a video on slotted headstocks just as great as this video, I would be forever thankful.

  6. On stringing. I leave a little more when I cut off the end above the tuner. The use a fine tipped needle nose to bend the string into a circle. No exposed end to stab me and no sharp end to tear up myTacoma Papoose gig bag.

  7. Tony,
    Thanks so much for your session on changing guitar strings! I’ve been changing strings for years but I can honestly say that I learned a few very good nuggets from you today that I will use going forward. Thanks again!

  8. Great Lesson on replacing strings. enjoyed it very much. i own 21 guitars, 5 banjo’s, mandolins and a violin. Did not change strings the 1st 10 years of 50+ years. But a Lot better. would like to see a program on string clearance for guitars, Acoustic, electrics and resonator.
    Thank you for the education and entertainment.