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  • TMutter

    January 20, 2023 at 11:15 am

    @N-lightMike thanks Mike. You are correct about learning those chord shapes. I dont even know what the names are (although with FBW i can probably figure it out.) I was a little familiar with the pattern from a TAC daily challenge that moved the A7 up the neck with some variation so watching his video performance I could tell what he was doing.

    Regarding covers and song writing you are correct. I took an online class from Ryan Tedder who is a famous grammy award producer. There is a technique in writing where if you have a sense for the style of song you are writing you can then find existing songs that share the same style. Then alter the chord shapes, rhythms, melodies etc to spark something new. It is just another tool to spark creativity. I think it does help to learn covers to expose yourself to other strumming patterns or melodies that one might not otherwise master.